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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Yoga, Chapter II, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Ashtaang Yoga

Part 1

Ashtaanga Yoga, an eight fold (Ashtang yoga are yam, niyam, aasana, pranayam, pratyahar, dharma, dhyan and Samadhi) Yogic practice is used as a means of getting rid of affections which is accomplished by attention, contemplation and meditation. It is also called samyama”, which means control. Through practice of “Samyama” one develops discerning ability and by performing Samyama on diverse factors, various `Siddhis’ are attained. Siddhi is a special psychic power like clairvoyance, ability to heal etc. but the Yogic use “Samyama” (control) for conquering senses. A true yogi has to be indifferent to his powers and ought not to exhibit wonders of his `Siddhis as this will ensure evil by his involvement in the material world gain. We will discuss Ashtaanga Yoga in brief for the use of our readers.

Yoga says if the devotee performs regular practice of pranayam then he could even awaken his kundalani. In classics, it is considered the ultimate state of meditation. Awakening of kundalani opens several doors for the devotee in the field of mantra shastra. Scholars are of the view that when yoga and tantra are mixed, persons can achieve different spiritual powers and become a siddh person.

As discussed earlier perfect astrologer would prefer to view a birth chart as a map of the earthly manifestation and allocation of the cosmic energy, the breath of life primarily for the current lifetime. The horoscopic houses are the 12 corridors of human experience that are illuminated by the 7 planetary candles, all of which are manifestations of the Prime Energy Source from which the more you take, the same remains behind. Each planet finds certain corridors that are harmoniously and brightly lit by its light. Of course, each chart has to be analyzed individually and as a whole, and the houses which those planets afflict may show different areas of life in which the meaning has to be applied, but some of the main relationship between the planets and the needed lessons to learn are:

Working out some ego issues. Understanding who we really are, understanding the true nature of the Soul. Meditate on the Atman or inner Self, finding the peace and light within the Self.

A weak Sun may show lack of self-esteem, but a too strong Sun badly placed can show a too strong ego and a selfish personality.

Learning how to use and relate with power, position and authority in a Dharmic way. Learning to respect the Father and elders, and heal the relationship with them.

Learning to control and purify the mind and emotions. Develop mental peace through meditation. Issues with the mother from bad karma to her. Respect mother, motherhood and woman. Uplift and channel the emotions trough Bhakti, pure love and devotion to God.

Develop courage and initiative without a selfish purpose; learn to relax, calm down and practice non violence, control anger and use of energy, physical and mental strength for defense of dharmic principles alone.

There may be a tendency to try to impose your will to others by force, a dictatorial or tyrannical nature which has to be changed. Protect righteousness and justice. Destroy and detach from unnecessary possessions or negative patterns. Separate from the wicked and ignorant. Develop a one-pointed mind. Practice Hatha Yoga and relaxation techniques.

Learn discrimination and proper use of intellect. Apply intelligence for spiritual and selfless purposes. Sublimate the intellect into intuition. Learn to deal honestly in business. Speak the truth alone. Aspire for knowledge and impart knowledge to others selflessly. Practice to Gnana yoga and study of Vedanta philosophy under a competent teacher.


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