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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Saturn’s Transit in Libra, Chapter XIV, Part - 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

14.4 Without considering modifications as mentioned in Para 1.3 above

Part 2

14.4.5 Leo: Saturn moving to Libra has ended the dreaded period of Sadhe Sati and is now in benefic position of 3rd from natal Moon & in Swarn-moorthy status. In addition Jupiter has favourable transit in Aries till May 2012 and again from May 2013 to May 2014. So it is an auspicious period and natives may regain what they lost in previous years. Natives are full of confidence, courage, enjoy good physical, mental & marital happiness, all comforts & luxuries, success in all ventures, defeats enemies and lead an aristocratic life. He may get better employment, better results in business, immovable property, is able to do his duties more energetically and exert his influence on authorities, superiors & subordinates. However long sojourn of Mars in Leo from 25th Jan to 22nd Jun 2012, re-entry of Saturn (R) in Virgo from 17th May to 05th Aug 2012 and Rahu’s transit in 5th from natal Moon for almost whole of 2012, will dampen the results to some extent.

14.4.6 Virgo: The natives are still under the malevolence of Sadhe Sati and being under the influence of Tamra-moorthy, Saturn’s transit will give generally unpleasant results only. The native may have loss of money, heavy expenditure, financial stringency, loss of comforts, prestige & status, wrath of elders & authorities. There may be unhappy conjugal life, loss of vitality, ill health of parents, self, spouse, children may have bad times & their education may be spoiled. One should keep one’s tongue under control, lest one is misunderstood. Loose talks may lead to quarrels & litigation. One may be deceived by notorious persons/ females. Servants/ attendants may leave the native. In office, work-load may make one restless. Due promotions/ perks may be postponed. The native may have to sell a portion of his shares or property to meet heavy financial needs or pressure or repayment of loans. Partnership business should be avoided. Politicians may face opposition & hindrances in their path. Retrograde Saturn in Virgo, will cause extra problems between 16th May to 4th Aug 2012. However Rahu will be favourable throughout 2012 and Jupiter may come to rescue after May 2012. Hence during 2nd half of 2012, one may get married or purchase a house, plot or a vehicle.

14.4.7 Libra: The native will be under the influence of middle Sadhe Sati and influence on natal Moon & birth star. The native may face problems from all sides and failure in all ventures. There may be danger from poison, fire, misery, imprisonment, loss of wealth, and sufferings in/ from foreign lands. He may suffer from various diseases, emotionally & physically disturbed (mother’s health may deteriorate), and disputes with siblings may lead to separation and division of property with native at the receiving end. Financial condition may worsen due to wasteful expenditure, some scandal, loss in speculation and deception by others. One may not have job-satisfaction and one’s work will not be appreciated by colleagues & superiors. Change of profession is possible. Businessmen may have problems from employees and authorities. However, as Saturn is exalted and possess Rajat-moorthy status, the intensity of malevolence may come down considerably and one may be able to overcome difficulties and move forward. Jupiter’s transit in Aries till May 2012 and again in Gemini from May 2013 to May 2014 will also be of great help. Till Sep 2012 one’s spouse or partner may also help financially and one of your children may secure a good job or position.

14.4.8 Scorpio: The Saturn now moves to 12th house from one’s Moon sign of debility with Loha-moorthy Satus causing much grief & losses as it is beginning of Sadhe Sati. The native may be engaged in worthless & fruitless business, with expenditure exceeding far above income, marital discord and always in conflict with parents, family, relatives, friends and residing away from them. Domestic happiness will be missing, health hazards & accidents of parents, spouse & children & their hospitalization will be source of worry. There may be loss of wealth due to theft/ burglary, litigations and action by government agencies. Postponement of promotions & perks, transfers to unwanted places, unpleasant journeys and series of misfortunes & humiliations may be common. One may earn displeasures of boss & non-cooperation of colleagues. Partnership business may not work, there could be raid by authorities and workers/ employees may ditch at crucial times. Youngsters may have lack of concentration and waste time on pleasure pursuits. Speculation will be hazardous in first half but long standing dues/ loans may be recovered in 2nd half. However Jupiter’s transit in Taurus from May 2012 to May 2013 will be giving some solace.


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