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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Saturn’s Transit in Libra, Chapter XIV, Part - 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

14.4 Without considering modifications as mentioned in Para 1.3 above

Part 1

14.4.1 Aries: Saturn’s transit in 7th from natal sign is generally unfavourable. This may result in bad health to spouse, loss of money, difficulties in partnership deals, aimless travels, fatigue of foot journey, accident/ danger during journeys, separation from family, incur displeasure of seniors/ authorities, desertion by servants/ attendants and unforeseen medical expenditure. Marital disharmony leading to physical or mental separation with spouse, delay in marriage or promotion/ unwelcome transfers may add to mental agony. Since Saturn is Tamra-moorthy & Kantak Shani, one has to struggle hard to overcome unseen delays & problems in all ventures. However after May 2012, Jupiter turns favourable and will come to some rescue.

14.4.2 Taurus: As Saturn is now in 6th from natal Moon and in Rajat-Moorthy, good positive results may be expected throughout the year particularly after May 2012 when Jupiter enters Taurus. Throughout the year, the sign under Rahu-Ketu (both in their debility) axis may slightly dampen the outcomes. But after Dec 2012, the Rahu turns favourable. By and large, natives will enjoy a happy domestic life free from diseases & enemies and enjoy luxuries & company of women (may be extra-marital relations). There will be great financial gains, but extra-expenditure by wife & children also. The working environment of work place will be smooth, due promotion/ perks/ transfer to place of interest may please you. Relations with superiors & authorities will be good and native may enjoy additional power, status & responsibilities. Businessmen will earn profit from their old stock and pending dues/ bills may be recovered. There could be success in competitions, court cases & litigation.

14.4.3 Gemini: Saturn’s transit in 5th sign from natal Moon gives mixed results. The natives are normally confused, lacks discrimination, his children get sick or their education suffers. There may be loss of a limb/ fracture in accident, loss of wealth, income or decline in business or loss in speculation. He may have liaison with wicked women and lose money, health & name on that account. Mental agony and depression for one or the other reason may plague the natives. Loans from various sources ad friends may be of great help in times of need. Wedding of a child may give some solace. However since Saturn is in Swarna-monthly and Jupiter till May 2012, transits in 11th from natal Moon, the natives may have necessary courage & strength to overcome many evils that may befall on them.

14.4.4 Cancer: These natives may have adverse results as Saturn is in 4th from natal Moon (Kantak Shani) and in Loha-moorthy indicating trying (bad) period. It may test one’s patience & self-confidence in dealing with problems w.r.t parents, spouse, house, property, vehicle, health & domestic happiness. There may be separation of spouse, friends & relations, loss of wealth & happiness, frequent transfers and change of job/ business. During 2012, natives may enjoy good health (but own health may deteriorate after Dec 2012), but health of family members causes concer and unwanted expenditure. One may suffer all comforts & respect and is humiliated due to enemies authorities. One may have to leave one’s home, home-town or country and become perverted with negative thinking. However transit of Ketu & Jupiter in Taurus, indicate some success & improvements in various fields. In independent India’s chart natal Moon is in Cancer. Hence the Mundane effects on national scene are expected to be bad in 4th house’s significations.


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