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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Saturn’s Transit in Libra, Chapter XIV, Part - 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

14.4 Without considering modifications as mentioned in Para 1.3 above

Part 3

14.4.9 Sagittarius: Saturn transiting in 11th from natal Moon will bestow positive results on all fronts blessing health, wealth, wealth & honour to natives. Jupiter’s transit in Aries till May 2012 & again in Gemini from May 2013 to May 2014 and of Rahu in Libra till Dec 2012 will be of additional grace. However Saturn being in Tamra-moorthy status may cause some delay/ hindrances in various happenings. By and large, natives will enjoy improved financial position, marital & domestic happiness, healthy and problem free life. One may get suitable job/ promotion / transfer of choice for self/ spouse, get married, purchase a house, land or vehicle, be blessed with a child or recover old debts/ dues. Business may flourish & expand with success & profit particularly after Oct 2012. Going at work place will be easy, smooth & pleasant. Court cases may settle amicably to one’s advantage. Youngsters may excel meritoriously in competitions and participants in social functions will increase. However love & romance may create some problems.

14.4.10 Capricorn: Saturn transiting in 10th from  natal Moon is inauspicious as kantak Shani. It brings loss of health, wealth, job & status, failure in ventures, discredit & troubles from superiors & authorities. Promotions/ perks may be delayed, unwelcome transfer may be inevitable and/ or one may get involved in cases of mis-appropriation, criminal proceedings, vigilance or scandals. Work-load may increase without any gain or appreciation. Relations with spouse may be strained resulting in physical/ mental separation. Finances may cause constant tension & worries. One may have to sell part of one’s fixed assets to meet growing expenditure & pressure to clear old debts. Deviation from righteous path & deeds may invite criticism & troubles. However the Saturn’s transit being in Swarna-moorthy, natives should be able to overcome most of the problems. Transit of Jupiter from May 2012 to May 2013 in Taurus and of Rahu in Scorpio till Dec 2012 will also help the natives.

14.4.11 Aquarius: Saturn’s transit in 9th from natal Moon brings mixed results. It may cause grief, obstacles, problems from enemies, tensions due to siblings & friends, and health problems (even demise) to father. There could be separation from spouse & children and hatred, chest pains and even imprisonment to those having major/ sub-periods of malefics in their charts. One may act against the wishes of parents & well-wishers and hence invite troubles. But children may get success in their ventures and one of them may get married and also get a good job. The native may have marital happiness and support from spouse. One may recover money from long-pending dues and court cases/ litigations may be settled in one’s favour except during the period from Oct 2012 to Oct 2013. The Saturn as Rajat-moorthy, Jupiter’s transit in Gemini from May 2012 to May 2013 and Ketu’s transit in Aries Dec 2012 to Jun 2014 are helpful indicators to Aquarius natives.

14.4.12 Pisces: Saturn’s transit in 8th from natal Moon cause inauspicious Ashtam Shani results. This coupled with Loha-moorthy status indicates a very trying (evil) period asking for extreme restraint & cautious approach to every action/ activity by the natives. There may be family problems like domestic/ conjugal disharmony, separation from family, diseases, wedding of siblings & their conjugal life, death of spouse or some elderly family member etc. One may face financial stringency, intense miseries, injuries & accidents, chronic ailments. There may be delays in court settlement cases, promotions, starting new ventures/ business propositions. However one may be in good books of superiors and patience & hard work may get success & appreciation at work place. One may also go on a pilgrimage. The Jupiter’s transit in Aries till May 2012 and Ketu’s in Taurus till Dec 2012 are favourable.

14.5 Conclusion

Saturn’s transit in any sign should be studied with great care as it is the slowest and the most dreaded. Hence recently, it has resulted in sprouting of large numbers of Saturn’s temple and devotees all over India. Before making any evil prediction, one must always consider modifications caused by various factors and the favourable transits of other planets, particularly of slow moving planets. The native under influence of bad transit of Saturn, to mitigate/ ward off its evil results, should be just in his dealings, look-after poor, weak & disabled, be cautious on the day of his birth star, not consume alcohol and worship lord Shiva & lord Hanuman, the deities even Shani has worshipped.

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