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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Saturn, Chapter IX, Part - 18

Dr. Shanker Adawal

9.8 Transit identically with natal House lords

1. 1st Lord: It brings untold miseries & mental agony, troubles from enemies, and material relatives may be adversely affected.

2. 2nd Lord: It indicates troubles to native’s spouse and there may be marital unhappiness. It may also adversely affects the vocations.

3. 3rd Lord: It denotes problems of ill-health, accidents, medical operations, debts and inheritance.

4. 4th Lord: Native’s father or employer may be subjected to ill heath or troubles. If Gullika is in 4th or 10th in natal chart, Saturn’s transit over it may cause danger to mother’s life.

5. 5th Lord: Native may be subjected to troubles from children, friends or government authorities.

6. 6th Lord: Native’s paternal uncle/ aunt may be physically injured or lose status.

7. 7th Lord: It indicates unnecessary journeys, unexpected heavy expenditure and bad for maternal uncle. Saturn’s transit over 7th lord of Navamsha denotes serious illness or even death of spouse.

8. 8th Lord: It denotes miseries, serious illness to native or his spouse, loss of wealth & honour and death of a near relative.

9. 9th Lord: It indicates reduction in assets/ properties, eye or throat disease or quarrels in family.

10. 10th Lord: There may be increased expenditure, difficulties in profession and health problems to native or his father-in-law.

11. 11th Lord: Native’s mother gets ill-health, and there could be problems in landed property or foreign travels.

12. 12th Lord: There could be problems/ misunderstandings with children, loss of wealth and separation from family.


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