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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Saturn, Chapter IX, Part - 17

Dr. Shanker Adawal

9.7 Saturn’s Transit over Natal Positions

Part 3

9.7.8 Over natal Saturn: During this transit, big changes making great impacts may take place, as it takes place only once in 29 years or so. When Saturn contacts his own place and if Saturn’s period is on, a wiping out of the past occurs with a new lease of life for the future. But when it opposes its own place, climaxing developments occur along the lines which has been laid down some 14 years ago. During 1st phase of conjunction, there may be change of job, profession and new relationships will develop. During 2nd conjunction, a substantial portion of life has passed, and the native may plan change of job or retirement from hectic schedule, change of residence or end of many relations. The pending problems may be solved positively and one looks forward with hope & confidence. However this transit also indicates physical ailments, problems regarding landed properties, increase in miseries & sufferings and if Maraka dasha runs concurrently demise of parents, spouse or self. When Saturn transit square Saturn, it is a critical period of test, tensions, crisis of confidence, insecurity and difficulties in business/ profession due to own wrong decisions or non-cooperation of superiors/ authorities. However the transit opposition is not so bad. In profession, one may reach a peak of success, increased responsibilities, extreme hard work with success, provided one learns from past mistakes and work positively.

9.7.9 Over Natal Rahu: During the transit, native may go against the belief & discipline of own caste & religion. One may not have faith in traditional orthodoxy and faith in ritual etc. Mind may be disturbed by unwanted worries & phobias. Both the planets having separatist leanings, make native to go away from dear & near ones. One may have serious physical ailments, sudden calamities and strained relations with authorities, setback & delays in business, profession & finances causing mental depression, worries & anxieties. But selfless service to public and being helpful to others indicates financial gains. The transit in square or opposition, denotes additional restrictions/ limitations and one can do little except surrender in strict discipline. This is the combination of two destructive energies and brings much miseries to a native or nation. Rahu represents Muslims & foreigners.

During 1990-91, Saturn & Rahu were conjunct in Capricorn with retrograde Jupiter in opposition. This led to:

a) Major earthquake in Iran killing over 21 lakh persons.

b) Iraq captured Kuwait and USA interveined.

c) Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

9.7.10 Over Natal Ketu: It is a malefic transit that indicates that the native may be involved in anti-social activities or may have reclusive behavior. He may not have much respect for religious ceremonies & festivities and have negative outlook towards life. When faced with failures, he will easily get frustrated & depressed. Quite often one may witness death of some known relations. The native may have quarrels in family, dispute over inheritance, ill-health, Kidney disorder and long hospitalization. However one may be blessed with male issues. Transit Saturn in opposition indicates failures in attempts, financial losses, separation from loved ones and wrath of superiors/ authorities.

9.7.11 Over Mid-heaven/ M.C.: During this transit, the native learns about the freedom in his limitations through self-appraisals. He may have new work-loads, aims and responsibilities whose foundations were laid some 14 years ago. If one adopts to the new circumstances and work hard & positively, one may get recognition, career rewards, increased position of trust, organizing power, general improvement in career and gains through elders & inheritance. Short cuts may fail in all endeavours. One should take good care of health during this transit. But when in square or in opposition, native may face dishonor, disgrace, difficulties in avocation & responsibilities and sufferings at the hands of subordinates/ inferiors.


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