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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Saturn, Chapter IX, Part - 19

Dr. Shanker Adawal

9.9 Example Chart No. 6: Ms. Indira Gandhi.

The native had 2nd cycle of Sadhe Sati started on 9 Nov 1958, when Saturn ingresses Sagittarius (Kodand Shani) and at that time the transit Moon was in Virgo indicating Rajat Moorthy (auspicious) beginning of the Sadhe Sati. Moreover during the Sadhe Sati period, the Saturn transited Sagittarius (Jupiter’s sign) and the two signs of Saturn (Capricorn & Aquarius). Hence the results were not very bad. But in the beginning itself she lost her husband on 20th Sep 1960, When Saturn was transiting on 12th to natal Moon, but soon she entered active politics becoming President of All India Congress Committee and never looked back there after. Towards the end while Saturn was on 2nd house to Natal Moon and 8th from Ascendant (in Mooltrikone sign of Saturn), in the beginning she lost her beloved father on 27th May 1964, but before the end of Sadhe Sati period on Aquarius, she became Union cabinet Minister and Prime Minister of India. Thus Sadhe Sati gave mixed results to her.

On 31-10-1984, the native was assassinated while native was running dasha of Saturn-Rahu, the Saturn, as 8th lord, was transiting in 4th from natal Saturn and 10th from natal Moon, indicating bad results. Moreover, Jupiter & Mars were transiting natal Rahu in 12th from natal Moon causing sudden death by weapon.

9.10 Conclusion
The transit of Saturn is very important as it moves very slowly and takes 2 ½ years to transit through any sign. It has a depressing influence on any natal planet, house or point. Everything is slowed down- one encounter delays, frustrations, restrictions/ limitations, irksome problems and pressures. During Saturn’s transit one may face challenge to face reality of life & drudgery and in the process offers much wisdom, discipline and inner strength. Depression, sorrows, losses, separation from relations etc. are blessings in disguise and limits native’s needs which must be accepted gladly. During Saturn’s transit to a house, one must pay special attention to the affairs of that house. It does not mean that everything in that house is going wrong, it is one’s thinking how one takes it. If the native is in a good position, the transit will firm up and structure that house for the native. Similarly for transit over natal planets, one should note the Nakshtra of the natal planet and the matters signified by the lord of Nakshtra. This will determine greatly the effects of the transit.

The aspect of other planets on the transit Saturn makes a lot of modifications. Note down the Vedha & Vipreet Vedha of the transit by other planets. Then normally aspect by well dignified Jupiter nullifies malefic results to a great measure. Aspect by well- placed Venus reduces ill-effects by about 20%. Waxing & strongly placed Moon also reduces adverse effects. The position of Moon’s sign at the time of beginning of Saturn’s transit (Moorthy Nirnayha) and of its Nakshtra from its natal sign & Nakshtra also influences transit results. The natal position of Saturn and its strength decides its transit results accordingly. In view of the above, the results of Saturn’s transit can be grouped as under:

Under Good Aspects: When Saturn forms good aspects, it will make native careful, attentive, sober, calculative, patient & industrious giving increase in income & comforts, peace of mind, methodical working, acquisition of property, profitable & gainful connections with mines and agricultural pursuits. Dealing in metals connected with Saturn may also be advantageous.

Under Bad Aspects: When transiting Saturn is under bad aspects, it makes the native unfortunate and all types of miseries, difficulties, denials, delays, impediments etc. bringing depressions, losses, calamities, melancholy feelings, diseases & accidents. It is a transit of limitations & restrictions but of perfection.

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