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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Saturn, Chapter IX, Part - 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal

9.3.4 Third Return/ Cycle

i) During Saturn’s transit through its natal position, there may be little comfort and limited progress in all aspects of life. The native is beginning to adjust to the new phase of life, where the patronage of parents is generally missing. It is a difficult & challenging time, but decisions taken and changes made workout well in the long term. Initially there may be financial stringy and one may suffer from bilious ailments.

ii) During transit in 2nd house, native gets good comforts & happiness, if he adjusts to new phase & the culture. If Saturn in birth chart is Vargottam or Yogkaraka, there will be good family life and renewed income with reduced responsibilities. However the health of self & spouse remain a constant worry.

iii) During transit in 3rd house, it indicates bad times to siblings specially if in natal chart, the Saturn is in own house or in 11th house. But the native’s financial position may improve and he will have many comforts & luxuries.

iv) The transit in 4th house is inauspicious as many of the native’s effort may fail/ spoiled due to hurdles in all activities. There may be losses due to bad health of self, mother, souse or daughter. There may be mental distress due to domestic problems and wasteful expenditure.

v) The transit in 5th house indicates scarcity of funds and ill health to the native or his son. He is fearful and always confused & argumentative. If the 5th house is afflicted by Sun also, one may have serious heart problems.

vi) During transit through 6th house, financial position improves and one leads a comfortable & honourable life at home and outside. One gets support from the spouse and relief from chronic ailments. There may success in litigations and setback to the enemies.

vii) The transit in 7th house indicates increase in domestic problems, bad times or even death of the spouse. The  native may suffer from fatigue & mental agony. He may have urinary problems and may have to undergo surgery.

viii) During transit through 8th house, native may suffer physically due to ill health, chronic diseases or a fall/ accident involving his legs. He may have serious stomach problems as well. If simultaneously Markesh dasha is operating, there may be danger to life.

ix) The transit through 9th house is quite inauspicious and one should avoid unnecessary travelling as it may result in serious accidents. The general health of the native deteriorates and his finances may become poor.

x) The transit through 10th house indicates bewilderment, grief, distress and diseases. The native may have problems in performing normal daily routine. He may lead a difficult life. He may be involved in some scandal or subjected to false accusation.

xi) During transit through 11th house, native gets support from spouse and family members. There may be financial gains, relief from ailments, and increase in happiness.

xii) The transit through 12th house is rather a rare occurrence. The native may lead life in isolation/ solitude with poor health. There may be loss of honour, anguish, grief, strife & penury, bringing misery and mental agony.


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