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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Saturn, Chapter IX, Part - 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal

9.3.3 Second Return/ Cycle

Part 2

viii) During transit through 8th house, there may be little gain of money. The native may have displeasure of elders and illness of children may be a source of worry. Death of spouse or some other near relation may take place. He may develop bad company, which could bring disrepute. If dasha of Markesh or of 8th lord is operating, there may be failure in ventures, heavy expenditure and danger to life of the native.

ix) During transit through 9th house, there may be some comforts and improvements in name, fame & income. But his father may suffer bad health and even pass away. The native may face problems from friends & siblings and may be distracted from pious functions.

x) During transit through 10th house, there may be heavy expenditure and worries regarding settlement of children and excess load of responsibility at home and in profession. It may cause sickness, change of place or change/ loss of job, resulting in professional worries and loss of reputation. The colleagues & subordinates may become non-cooperative. Yet it could be a useful time to conserve energy and serious contemplation of life & self, plan & achieve success in professional field towards the end of this transit.

xi) The transit through 11th house is auspicious and native gets help from unexpected quarters or through the family of spouse, relatives & friends. One may achieve higher status in profession or promotion to higher post. But it also indicates excess expenditure, physical strain & ill health to self or near relations. One may also face fake and fictitious scandals.

xii) The transit through 12th house brings a bagful of mixed results. The natives start self-appraisals and reassess the next phase of their life. Some natives begin to consider retiring from full time work and develop interest/ hobbies that have been neglected because of career or children. It is also the first time that natives may face the realities of approaching old age. The natives may be mostly away from the house and the family. He may suffer heavy expenditure/ loss due to sickness, hospitalization, loss of property due to theft/ litigations and domestic disharmony.


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