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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Saturn, Chapter IX, Part - 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal

9.4 Transit of Saturn through various houses w.r.t. Natal Moon

Part 1

9.4.1 The Saturn takes 2-1/2 years to transit any house. Hence its transit result in any house is called Dhaiyya. If Saturn’s major or sub-period of Vimshotri dasha is running concurrently, the effects of transit Saturn will be intensified. The general results of transit of Saturn in any house are given in succeeding sub-Para, but they are modified by a number of factors as indicated in chapter 2, Para 2.6, and in Chapter 5.

9.4.2 Through Natal Moon sign: This transit gives the worst results. The native may suffer ill health by all sort of bilious/ airy diseases, gets separated from kith & kin and may wander long distances aimlessly. He may suffer food poisoning, fire accidents and his friends & relatives may forsake/ deceive him bringing frauds & miseries. He may be antagonistic to many and have unwanted/ wasteful expenditure. There may be losses of physical & mental energy, falling prey to vices, bereavement of a close relation, change of residence and failure in every venture. He has fear of imprisonment, humiliation, loss of self-respect, involvement in a scandal and poor financial condition. If Markesh dasha runs simultaneously, there may be danger to life of the native.

9.4.3 Through 2nd House from Natal Moon: This marks the last phase of Shade Sati. The native may have loss of money or excessive expenditure causing penury & loss of prestige. He may have ill health of self, spouse or children, ailments in eyes, loss of mental peace, unhappy conjugal life, wrath of elders and persistently in grief. One may resort to illegal/ unethical ways of earning due to loss of property, heavy borrowing and spoiled children. The native may be deceived/ troubles by notorious men/ females, incurs enmity for nothing, and servants/ attendants leave him. There may be loss of respect, humiliation or change of residence under compulsion. If Marakesh dasha runs simultaneously, 2nd being a Marak house, there may be danger to life of the native or his spouse.

9.4.4 Through 3rd House: This is an auspicious transit bestowing unadulterated all round happiness and fortune. The native is full of confidence & courage, enjoys good health, mental peace, pleasures with females, submissive spouse and all worldly comforts. He may get better employment, acquires immovable property, high class vehicles, success in all ventures, win over enemies and is able to exert his influence on neighbours, colleagues & subordinates. One earns money from various sources, has improved status in society (MP or MLA), new friendship, increased body luster and his siblings may also have elevation.

9.4.5 Through 4th House: It gives very bad results and is known as Ardhashtama/Kantak Shani or Dhaiyya. The native suffers due to ill-health, heart problems, enemies, harassment by authorities, frequent transfers, separation or opposition of friends & family members, humiliation, loss of prestige and mental peace. There may be strained relations with spouse or mother, bad health of mother (who may even die), critical domestic problems, loss of property & comforts and wasteful/ unwanted expenditure causing scarcity of funds & persistent worries. He may be associated with wicked persons, become sinful & crooked, perverted with negative thinking and suffer from windy ailments like paralysis, pain in joints/ stomach and failure in all deals.


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