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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Jupiter, Chapter VIII, Part - 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal

8.5 Transit Over natal Positions

Part 2

8.5.6 Over Natal Jupiter: It triggers a new 12 year cycle of growth & progress. During this transit, the native may expect sudden windfalls, expanding business, great wealth/ luck and all types of opportunities like marriage, settlement of family disputes, happiness and pleasant relationships. One may meet influential persons to gain favours & honours and freedom to do things which could not be done earlier. One may be more demanding or more giving towards others. Native may excel in education and financial gains through travels, investments, expanding business or consultancy services. But one should avoid overdoing and over-extending oneself. It gives the most inauspicious results while transiting in 3rd house from its natal position and the best results in 5th or 9th position from its natal position.

8.5.7 Over Natal Venus: The transit over natal Venus or its trines stimulates the desire to smooth over all difficulties in relationships and to share pleasures and to promote good relations with friends & the loved ones. This is a good period to socialize, to meet influential people, to develop new, lasting, enjoyable, and successful relationship like marriage, or strong friendship. One may be busy in creative activities, hobbies, pleasantries and acquiring items of comforts & luxuries. One is blessed with respect, increased social status and enjoyment with opposite sex. The transit is particularly good if it occurs in signs of Venus or Jupiter and the best results are in Pisces which is ruled by Jupiter and where the Venus exalts. However one should be disciplined, control temper and avoid over-spending, or over-indulgence in sex, drinks or food. If Venus is weak / ill-dignified, native may be infamous and of loose morals.

8.6.8 Over Natal Saturn: This is an important transit which keeps balance between native’s desires to grow & expand and awareness of his personal limitations. If the Saturn is an Upachaya (3, 6, 10 or 11th) house in the natal chart, the native may be famous, honoured by the rulers, brilliant, dominant and enjoys distinction and responsibilities. In other houses, it indicates ill health, vice habits, financial losses, old age problems and loss of reputation & status. It is a time of breaking away of restrictions/ inhibitions, change of residence, change of job or break up of a relationship. But these changes may ultimately prove to be good. If the transit is afflicted by Ketu, the children may be in trouble.

8.5.9 Over Natal Rahu: The transit over Rahu posited alone in natal chart in signs other than those of Mars & Jupiter, it brings tremendous luck without exertion in speculation/ lotteries etc. The native may get increased social prestige, self-confidence, public recognition and materialistic gains. He may actively participate in educational, philosophical & cultural activities and may follow or change his religion/ belief. However if Rahu is scorpio, Sagittarius or Pisces in natal chart, the transit may bring misfortune and failures.

8.5.10 Over Natal Ketu: This is a difficult transit. The native may lose public support & respect for personal, educational, religious and cultural goals. It is a period of great difficulties and sorrows. One may not behave in a logical way and act per whims & fancies in an unorthodox/ unconventional way.

8.5.11 Over Natal Mid-heaven/ 10th Cusp: It is an auspicious transit. The native may gain by using practical vision, belief, self-confidence and common sense. It may indicate a change of direction for some kind of high-water mark in one’s career, social recognition, rise in life, profession & business. The native may get a new job offer, promotion, salary increase, a large contract expansion of business. He may be able to accomplish success in all ventures with hard work, own capability and cooperation of higher officials.


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