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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Jupiter, Chapter VIII, Part - 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal

8.5 Transit Over natal Positions

Part 1

8.5.1 Over Ascendant: It is a good transit indicating period of optimism & positive approach to get favours from people in authority to have personal & professional transactions/ expansions or to get favourable employment or promotion. There may be improved health, enthusiasm, happy domestic life, conjugal bliss and travels for expansion of business/ career. There may be auspicious occasions like marriage, birth of a child, marriage of a child or some other fortunate event. It is an excellent period for study, social success and spiritual renewal. If Jupiter is afflicted, the father & son should live/ work together to ward off troubles arising out of over-weight, extravagance, misfortunes or disputes.

8.5.2 Over Natal Sun: The results depend on the condition at birth of Sun and the house which the Sun rules. If it is in a good house, native gets new favourable contacts, good health, gain through speculation/ lottery, and the income will increase by literary pursuits and business travels. The native may start long term plan of new projects in furtherance of his profession. This may serve largely as a new break in profession/ career. Its transit or aspect on natal Sun gives promotion or improvement in profession. It is a good time to resolve conflicts, built up one’s self-confidence and grab opportunities that come one’s way. But one should be careful about one’s ego, extravagance, overdoing and investments. There may be more advantages if father & son live together.

8.5.3 Over Natal Moon: It marks the beginning of a new phase of life as the Jupiter starts a new cycle/ Paryaya. It directly influences the feelings, public image, personal popularity and features controlled by the house (with Cancer on the cusp) ruled by the Moon. The results will also be influenced by the house in which the transit occurs. It is a very friendly transit which bestows providential help, chances of marriage, good cooperative & amiable family life, gain from friends & relations of spouse and useful journeys. It is a time to resolve conflicts and even win over enemies. It could be a good time to buy a home or shift to a better residence. One feels more secure & strong in personal, domestic and professional front. But if the transit is afflicted one may face financial difficulties, loss of peace of mind and ailments of/ in eyes.

8.5.4 Over Natal Mars: The transit results vary widely depending on the condition of Mars and the house/ sign where Mars is placed in birth chart. The transiting Jupiter favourably expands the traits of the houses ruled by Mars. If both Mars & Jupiter are strong, the physical energy, confidence, stamina and traditionally male qualities are very high. It blesses the native with self-confidence, positive enthusiasm, boldness, ambitions, promotions and success in every venture. Native may be just, noble, fortunate, rise to eminence in law or armed forces, and has good period to start new work, project or business. But if Mars is weak or ill placed, the native may be a coward, idle, unprincipled, fond of quarrels & strife and liable to accidents, abortions, miscarriages, wounds & injuries. The sign conjunction between Jupiter & Mars takes place roughly once in two years for a period of 1-1/2 to six months. The conjunction of the two, in signs of Mars or Jupiter, is extremely productive and beneficial. In Cancer or Capricorn, the results are mixed as one is exalted and the other is debilitated simultaneously.

8.5.5 Over Natal Mercury: The transit stimulates & expands activities and offers opportunities & growth through learning, intellect, self-promotion, communication and foresight. It is a good period to make decision, to have magic powers to attract others, to overcome enemies and be fortunate in monetary gains. The transit presents an excellent opportunity to grow mentally & intellectually and to put across one’s ideas to advantage. To see exact areas of growth & expansion infused with optimism by Jupiter, look to the houses in the natal chart with Gemini & Virgo on the cusp and the planets posited therein. It is a good period for study and success in matters of religion, spirituality, philosophy, communication, legal and journalism. The native may also earn through music, oratory, communicative or trading skills. However the native is warned not to over-extend himself.


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