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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Jupiter, Chapter VIII, Part - 10

Dr. Shanker Adawal

8.6 Effects of Mundane Affairs

8.6.1 Jupiter alongwith Saturn represents Kaal (time) and as such leaves a great lasting impression whenever the two planets are together in the same sign or are in opposition to each other. These impressions on the international or national scene create history and give a new direction to the mankind in social economic and political fields. If Mars and / or Rahu also joins in it adds elements of sadness & violence leading to historical landmarks.

8.6.2 To illustrate the point, I would like to give three illustrations. In Feb. 1962, eight planets, including Jupiter, Saturn & Mars joined together in Capricorn. The year saw infamous Chinese attack on NE frontiers of India and America struggling war in Vietnam with American youth avoiding draft. In 1989, the Jupiter & Saturn were in opposition to each other in Gemini & Sagittarius. On the international scene, the year witnessed fall of USSR and unification of Germany. On national scene, the government of Rajiv Gandhi fell on charge of corruption followed by a series of coalition governments. Recently in the beginning of 2011, the Jupiter & Saturn were in opposition, in Pisces & Virgo with Mars associated with Rahu aspecting Jupiter from Sagittarius. The year witnessed democratic revolutions in Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Syria & Yemen. In India, it brought in focus issues of corruption, black money & scandals and agitation of Anna Hazare & Baba Ramdev. This opposition of the two planets carries forward to 2012, as well in signs of Aries & Libra. WE should expect similar astonishing great events in national & international fields.

8.7 Conclusion

The fascinating Jupiter is a dignified planet and is the significator of wealth, prosperity, family, progeny, hope, faith optimism and uprightness. It denotes providential help, generosity, religion, philosophy, preceptor, fortune, good judgment, law abiding, residence & business in foreign, long journeys, pilgrimage, interest in law, education, occult sciences, banking, power & authority and social & political status etc. The transit of Jupiter acts more upon the interior planets than the exterior. Many of the unfavourable transit results get neutralized if transit Jupiter aspect Ascendant, the Moon or the Sun. By working through the consciousness from within, it prompts to success & fortune, rather than actually producing good fortune from outside. Hence the most intuitive and highly cultured will gain more by its transits, establishing that “to him who hath shall be given.” An unfortunate native, without the power & effort to respond to the transit of Jupiter, will avail very little gain. The Transit of Jupiter over Ascendant, Mid-heaven or the luminaries is always a promising period bringing opportunities that come at no other time. The secret of its influence lies in growth, expansion and fullness of expression.

When Jupiter is afflicted, it signifies extremist views, lavish/ extravagant expenditure, over-optimistic, careless in details, and overindulging in disputes, gambling, and food & drinks. One may suffer due to misjudgment, misfortune, ingratitude, vain pomp & show, frivolous law suits, problems in foreign lands or journeys and danger of death by fever/ tumour & excitement. It is interesting to note that unlike other planets, Jupiter gives unfavourable results while transiting Upachaya houses – 3rd, 6th or 10th from natal Moon.

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