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Moon tends to absorb the value of the planet with which it is associated in your chart and makes it vibrant - both positive and negative sides. Will tel a principle of Bhrigu Nadi and researched by me - Moon with Saturn will create issues in marriage and more so if moon or Saturn happen to be 7th lord. Saturn gets uncomfortable with the speed of moon .I AM TALKING OF SATURN AND MON IN CONJUNCTION - WITHIN 7 DEGREES

The stars form 4th to 6th, April, 13 indicate that you will have a practical outlook . You want to come out of the JUNGLE YOU ARE IN. In job/work/gains - please do not be over ambitious - you will tend to be unrealistic - achieve with whatever it takes may not be right - if you can avoid the misplaced ambition you will be better off. Issues with respect to finances you will work to make yourself better off - it will be important aspect in your mind/scheme of things. Take care of family - be emotional in outlook. Love and being together with your loved one and with a sense of pride in the relationship is possible. Love is your soul - that feeling may come. You may want to slip off with your friends and the mood will be that which is wandering and emotions will rule. Take care

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