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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Saturn, Chapter IX, Part - 15

Dr. Shanker Adawal

9.7 Saturn’s Transit over Natal Positions

Part 1

9.7.1 Over Ascendant: It is one of the most significant transits of any native’s life. It transforms one’s self confidence in such a way that one questions the source of confidence to date and discover a more solid base for pulling up inner strength. Illusions about the self, the body and personal abilities will no longer be there and a new found identity and a realistic understanding of self will develop. Good relations will not suffer, but bad ones will break. There will be increased responsibilities and pressure of work, which one should complete systematically with hard work. Despite difficulties and less freedom of movement than usual, one will have a productive time and becomes worldly wise. One should not start any long range project. It is an excellent time for introversion & introspection and for any kind of psychotherapy or human potential. If Saturn is malefic or afflicted, one may suffer loss of health or danger to life of self, spouse, children & close relatives. Any evil effect may get neutralized by aspect of transiting Jupiter or any planet (other than Sun) simultaneously transiting Ascendant.

9.7.2 Over Natal Sun: It is a typical transit, as it can bring good, difficult & evil transit. It is a time of tremendous responsibilities & hard work leading to success of old projects and to get the best out of that. It tends to reduce uncertainty with regards to one’ capabilities making one more realistic and free from fear or guilt. If Saturn is significator and Sun is well dignified, it denotes much evils, causes great loss due to fire/ electricity and deceit by others. The native may become dull, adamant, careless & proud inviting miserly life, failures and often mortified by superiors. If Saturn is ill-dignified, one is infamous, unfortunate, mean, rash and poor. If Sun is well placed in birth chart, native may be intelligent, well versed in worldly affairs, religious and a good businessman. Both Saturn & Sun being malefic & separatist planets, one may have strained relations with spouse & devoid of conjugal happiness and deprived of comforts for children. The conjunction may limit the working with freedom of movement in all spheres like service, profession & domestic life. One should not take any new project. One may have problems of heart & circulatory system, injury/ broken limb due to accident/ fall or eye sore etc. This transit may indicate ill health of father, death of some elderly male in the family, change of place of residence or setback in service/ business. For politicians, it will be a hard & trying time. When Saturn contacts Sun, career climaxes for good or bad. When in opposition, career is blocked at least temporarily. When Saturn is in 4th from Sum, a new start occurs and when Saturn is in 10th from Sun, accretion of power comes.

9.7.3 Over Natal Moon: It is the peak period of Sadhe Sati. The native will be restless, plunged into unbearable difficulties, mental depression, inferiority complex & mental agony worrying the mind. Mother’s health may be affected or there could be misunderstanding/ demise of mother. There may be loss of property, quarrel with others, gloomy & indifferent temperament, affairs with elderly woman and fear of imprisonment. If simultaneously Mercury & Sun are ill placed, one, however highly born, may face financial difficulties and waste money on luxurious pursuits and on opposite sex and suffer serious diseases. If Jupiter influences the conjunction in any way, it will mitigate the evil effects. If Moon is well placed in houses 3, 10 or 11 and is lord of 5th, 7th or 10th house, and Saturn is well dignified, one’s health gets renewed and there may be financial progress and all comforts. The native may be suspicious, austere, reserved, of sound judgment, fond of change, coarse in manners and makes his fortune by hard work. If Saturn is in opposition to Moon, there could be emotional or financial upsets associated with loneliness, domestic/ professional problems and difficult relations with opposite sex & friends.


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