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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Saturn, Chapter IX, Part - 16

Dr. Shanker Adawal

9.7 Saturn’s Transit over Natal Positions

Part 2

9.7.4 Over Natal Mars: This transit is of utmost importance for good or bad. It makes the native a man of strong determination, Once he selects his path, there could be no compromise or deviation from the point of view, targets, principles or objects. If Saturn be significator and Mars well dignified, native may be cruel, quarrelsome, obdurate, argumentative, unforgiving, warlike nature but coward sometimes by ill-timed rashness or austerity. If this conjunction is in an Upachaya house, native will be equal to a king, leading an aristocratic life, subduing enemies, loved by all and famous. If Mars be ill-dignifies, one may be of treacherous, wicked & thievish nature. This is an accident prone transit. There could be bilious/ airy complaints, and health could be affected by wounds/ cuts by weapons, and fits of anger or rash/ harsh actions/ speech could lead to failure in conflicts with others. There may be humiliations, fear of criminal proceedings and low ebb in business activities. The square or opposition to each other will be equally worse.

9.7.5 Over Natal Mercury: This is a period of serious & pessimistic thinking. The native may lose self-confidence, cheat others, becomes revengeful & dishonest, is addicted to licentious pleasures with depressed mental outlook. One may overlook important point & details and connections will not be favourable leading to failure of plans & projects. If either is ill dignified, and no good aspect of Sun/ Jupiter, native may have financial stringency in business/ career, hindrances in education/ literary pursuits, defective speech and mental/ nervous disorders. If both are well dignified, native is fearful, suspicious, secretive, cautious and frequently makes a fortune by selfish, unsocial or unethical ways. This is a time for personal analysis, be more realistic & practical and not to jump to conclusions without taking into consideration of consequences.

9.7.6 Over natal Jupiter: This is a period of extreme restlessness and impatience. The native works with restrictions and should avoid bold & risky actions. One may be denied birth of a son during this transit and experience strife, mental anxiety & anguish from children due to their odd behavior. If Jupiter is well dignified and Saturn is significator, the native may gain through possessions & inheritance and profits from articles under the Earth and agriculture. He will be grave, sober, honest, slow but industrious. But if Jupiter is not dignified, one will be dull, vain, superstitious, obstinate and unfortunate. There may be hindrances in religious pursuits or studies. One may expect, during this transit, change of residence, job or of financial status, and solitude & conflicts with others. But if native is disciplined and work hard with patience, he will gain. Transit Saturn, in square or opposition to Jupiter, causes great troubles & sufferings and put restrictions/ limitations on the growth, opportunities and expansion avenues. There may be financial problems and opposition to one’s ideas necessitating adjustments.

9.7.7 Over Natal Venus: This transit has strong effects on practical & emotional relationships with others. It denotes sacrificial career in taking the hard road, chilling sense of loneliness which develops some important, probably permanent, revision in one’s emotional life. One accepts one’s added responsibilities and carries them even at the cost of own comforts & advantages. It is a period of austerity, be conservative in financial matters and avoid new ventures/ investments. If Saturn is dignified & significator, native will be libidinous, much attached to family, mild, quite, addicted to pleasures, fortunate, and gains through dealings in female dresses/ articles or through dance, music etc. If Venus is significator and Saturn is dignified, native may be coward, wise, careful, cautious & prudent, moderate in desires steady & austere, but has loss of money which could have been avoided. If Venus is ill dignified, he is mean, effeminate, selfish, of bad character, relations with women may render him miserable and has health problems of spouse or separation from spouse. Transit Saturn in square or opposition to Venus is bad. It indicates lust, vice, infamy, being base, vicious & mean. It is a period of crisis in personal relations & love affairs, one may feel lonely and business & financial position may suffer.


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