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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Saturn, Chapter IX, Part - 14

Dr. Shanker Adawal
9.6 Other Important Transits of Saturn

9.6.1 Ashtama Shani: This transit is also called Kantha or Kalyani Shani. Kantha means neck; life goes as if neck is tightened during this transit. It occurs when Saturn transits 8th house from natal Moon and in malevolence it is next only to Sadhe Sati. During this transit, there may be critical evil results equivalent to death or chronic illness to self/ spouse, sorrows, unnecessary wandering & expenditure, serious vehicle/ fire accidents, attack by weapons and the like.

9.6.2 Ardhashtama Shani: This transit is also called Kantak or Laghu Kalyani Shani. This occurs when Saturn transit 4th house from natal Moon and in malevolence is next only to Ashtama Shani. Kantak in Hindi means “thorn” and Laghu means “short”. During this transit, there may be losses to property/ money, diseases, domestic disharmony, miseries/ sorrows, frequent unwanted transfers or serious illness/ death to mother and the like. These results are felt more during 2nd & 3rd cycle of Saturn’s transit.

9.6.3 Kendra/ Trikone Shani: The Saturn during its transit in Kendra/ Trikone houses from natal Moon, does not give good results. The Saturn’s transit on natal Moon sign is the most critical part of Sadhe Sati. The transit through 4th house from natal Moon is called Ardhashtama Shani and has been discussed above. The transit through 5th, 7th, 9th & 10th houses also produces unpleasant results as per their Karakatwa. For specific results please refer Para 9.4 above.

9.6.4. Kodand Shani: When Saturn transit in Sagittarius sign, it is known as Kodand Shani. Here Saturn loses much of its malevolence. It makes native cultured, well behaved, calm, righteous, straight forward, free from dangers and honoured by all.


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