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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Nodes, Chapter X, Part – 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

10.2 Special Traits of Nodes

Part 2

10.2.3 Rahu’s traits are similar to Saturn. It is also black in colour, long in stature, slow in motion, nerves among tissues, Separative in character, opposed to light & knowledge and creator of fear/ phobias. Rahu denotes foreign foreigners in all fields. Among the cases it shows out castes or Buddhists. It indicates big industries, research, antibiotics, computers, hypocrite, falsehood, fallacious arguments, harsh speech, travelling, fallacious arguments, harsh speech, travelling, paternal grand-father, gambling, drowning, wickedness, widowhood, widows & relations with them, hiccups, amputation, leprosy and swelling in the body. The primary mode of Rahu is to expand. He is a voracious grabber of good things in life, like Venus, expansive like Jupiter, generate sudden events like Mars and powerful forces like Saturn. Rahu often creates spectacular and stellar achievements in politics or business. It is a planet of materialism and gives material gains, but also mental anxieties. It creates conditions wherein one really cannot enjoy material gains. Rahu means “the unexpected, uninvited/ unwanted guest from another land came to steal something”. The house where Rahu tenets, becomes foreign and suffers the stigma of being unwelcome. But such natives may be leader of innovations bringing something new & original.

10.2.4 Ketu in general, has traits similar to Mars and is opposite & complementary Node of Rahu. It is a fiery & hot planet which receives the vibrations of others and of the universe itself. It denotes heavy losses, humiliation, disintegration, surrender, fall and diseases, all at its worst. A planet in conjunction with Ketu is downgraded and weakened. Dasha of star lord of Ketu gives misfortune, sordid & fatal things and may make one a killer/ murderer. It strips the house where it tenets & robes one of coveted prizes in a way, but promote it in another way by creating an emptiness in that house, which the native often struggles to refill. Cases of suicide, lunacy, abortions, still births, death of children and happiness or otherwise from children come under its sway. It also represents maternal-grand-father, eyes, micro or small but important machine tools, fastidious, bitchy & poisonous speech, wounds, spots on the body, government fines, hides & skins, mortuary, sewage, dirty & filthy places, chain smoker, smokey colour, mist in thinking & perception, occultism and philosophy. Ketu is the Karaka of Moksha/ spirituality, as it rules over the ultimate truth. Ketu & Saturn help native to realize teachings of Jupiter and be humble. When Ketu is with its sign lord in any house, it boosts up manifold the basic qualities, good or bad, of the planet and the house. For example, Hitler, had Ketu & Jupiter in Sagittarius in 3rd house, making him brave, courageous & with mighty power.


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