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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Nodes, Chapter X, Part – 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

10.3 Transit of Nodes as an Axis in Signs

Part 1

10.3.1 In Aries-Libra This is a good transit position indicating acquisition of lands, domestic harmony, good friends, cordial relations with all and auspicious ceremonies in the house. If associated with their sign lords, the native may be wealthy, brave, lucky, energetic, generous, social, diplomatic, sexy with sound health. Failure to keep pace with the events may cause loss of many good opportunities. If afflicted, causes much troubles, great losses and accidents.

10.3.2 Taurus-Scorpio: Both the Nodes being in their exaltation, native has a sense of mastership and control of human emotion & necessity. One leads a comfortable life, move around a lot, increases philosophical knowledge and at least maintains his Karma status. One acquires wisdom, wealth, property & power, honour from public & state in far-off/ foreign places. If afflicted, one may be unfortunate, lose wealth & progeny and have bilious disease, more than one partner and defective speech.

10.3.3 Gemini-Sagittarius: The native may be jovial, just, social, intuitive, independent, self-confident, imaginative and admirable character. One has the power to suggest or transfer ideas to others at a distance and foresee events. Native acquires responsible position & reputation and is so fortunate that he hardly need to work to cultivate his material base. He is associated with noble/ religious saints and has a long life. But generally there are troubles to his wife & children and he may also have worries from relatives & state.

10.3.4 Cancer-Capricorn: This makes the native emotional, boastful, tense, well-educated, amourous, but not tempered with success coming after great difficulties. One has a liking to serve the sufferer and enthusiasm for national service. This makes him bold, hard-working and famous with new ideas. One may acquire wealth & property through deceitful & clever means. However, if sign lords are associated with the Nodes, it gives wealth, pleasing spouse, good servants and gains from the authorities.

10.3.5 Leo-Aquarius: It is a tough transit indicating bereavement, loss of property & government favour, increase in debt, danger through machine tools, aimless wandering and sickness. The native may not have cordial relations with authorities or children. He may travel in foreign land and gain progeny, property & recognition after considerable delay. However this transit may make the native a great thinker.


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