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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Nodes, Chapter X, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

10.2 Special Traits of Nodes

Part 1

10.2.1 The nodes are no physical bodies having mass, form, shape, gravity etc., which always move clockwise or in a retrograde direction. They may not have any radiating powers of theirs but are said to act as filters to cosmic energies of various celestial objects to reach the Earth & the human beings. As such they have great astrological values in astrological delineations. Their placement by signs/ houses is very important in predictive astrology. There is enough confusion which sign they own, but by and large it is accepted that Rahu is exalted in Taurus & Ketu in Scorpio. The Node acts as a strong agent to the planet associated with it by conjunction/ aspect. If no planet conjoins or aspects the Node, it represents the sign lord where it is posited. Another important feature is that the two nodes are always 180 degrees apart i.e. they act in exact mutual aspect, complementary to each other. If one is in a house/ sign, the other will always be just opposite in the 7th house/ sign. Whatever one indicates in a house/ sign, the same will be the nature of the other in house/ sign 7th to it. They basically act or should be considered as an axis during interpretation. On the one side, there is concern & expansion (Rahu) and on the other side there is detachment & loss (Ketu). They are head & tail of the Karmic reality. This axis is key in discovering where native’s main problems in life will be.

10.2.2 The nodes in a Kendra with Trikone lords or in a Trikone with a Kendra or conjunct with a Yogkaraka anywhere, make them auspicious and confer happiness, name, fame & wealth to the native. If a node occupies 2nd or 7th house, in conjunction/ aspect with 5th / 9th lord, it confers long life, wealth and high status. The nodes in a dual sign aspected by a Kendra/ Trikone lords also give very auspicious results including political power & prosperity during their dasha; but if by lords of 6th, 8th or 12th house, may cause loss of father/ elder brother, wealth and mental anxieties. Nodes produce bad results when they transit Sun/ Moon or in their signs. Whenever a node transits the 4th house from dasha lord, it causes upheavals, turmoil and other evil results. The transit of a Node is considered particularly important when it passes over a natal planet/ house cusp in birth chart or when a planet transits over the natal node. A Node transits its own place in a birth chart in 18-2/3 years and is opposite to its place in 9-1/3 years. These are important periods to be noted as it has a powerful effect on events in one’s life. If the Node is adversely placed/ aspected at birth, it may bring sorrows, trials & other evil results; reverse if they are well placed/ aspected, indicating acquisition of desired objects. The Nodes transit over 3, 6, 10 or 11th house from Moon or Ascendant gives benefic results. Rahu’s transit over the arc of Sun-Mercury-Venus is highly beneficial in profession, service, political life etc., but transit of Ketu over the same arc gives major setbacks, troubles & reversals in these spheres. The Nodes affect the spleen and denotes gas troubles, skin troubles, poisons, imprisonment, sharp pains and ailments which are difficult to be diagnosed.


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