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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Applications of Transit, Chapter XIII, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

13.3 Longevity

13.3.1 Shri Mantreshwar has said that when a child is born or whenever a horoscope is presented to an astrologer for any type of prediction, one should first ascertain the longevity and there after only any other thing be considered. The correct judgment of longevity is highly complex & mysterious and normally belies the right answer. But it is equally important and sought after. In various Sanskrit classics several methods-both mathematical & otherwise are mentioned without giving any conclusive answer. However ancient Tamil Palm leaf readings give some dictums for assessing the life span.

The life begins when a native is born. The life further evolves as per Dasha-Antar Dasha, which is based on birth Nakshtra in which Moon is posited at birth. We reckon transit results from the Moon sign. Hence it can be inferred that Transits influence/ modify Dasha-Antar dasha results. We presume that the readers arer conversant with broad categories of Ayush-Alpayu, Madhyayu, & Poornayu, Markesh, Chhidra planets, Chhidra dasha, important Yogas and significations of various houses & planets.

13.3.2 Combinations of Tamil Palm Leaf

i) If 8th lord is in 9th or 12th house, one lives for 100 years.

ii) If 8th lord is in 8th or 11th house, one lives up to 75 years.

iii) If 8th lord is in 6th house, one lives up to 50 years.

iv) If 8th lord is in 4th, 7th or 10th house, one may be Alpayu.

v) If a chart has one or more of Panch Mahapurush Yoga, one may live up to next higher category of Ayush.

vi) Lagna lord, Moon sign lord, 8th lord, Ayush Karaka Saturn, Saturn sign lord and Jupiter, if all these six planets are well placed and strong, one may live for 100 years.

vii) According to deficiencies/ weaknesses occurring to the six planets mentioned above, the approximate age is modified/ reduced. Suppose the expected age as per sub-Para 13.3.2 ii), is 75. But only 4 out of 6 planets mentioned above are well placed & strong, then the expected age will be modified as under:- 75 x 4/6 = 50 years.

viii) Similarly strong Lagna/ 10th house & benefic Yoga increases life span, while malefic Yoga reduces life span.

ix) Natural malefics, Mars, Saturn & Rahu, if placed in malefic places from natal Moon / Lagna and associated with Marak planets / houses during transit and during Marak dasha / Antardasha reduces the longevity of the native.

x) The broad expected life span, dasha of Markesh planets and the Transit influence of Markesh/ Dasha planets must coincide to decide actual longevity of the native.

xi) During dasha of a Markesh, the transiting influence of Saturn or Rahu while transiting 8th house and/ or 8th lord and on Mrityu Saham/ Death point, could be crucial for ascertaining longevity or in transit, Saturn and Jupiter must influence 8th house and/ or 8th lord separately but simultaneously (double transit phenomenon) to mark the termination of longevity.


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