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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Applications of Transit, Chapter XIII, Part - 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

13.4 Marriage

13.4.1 Marriage is one of the most sacred “Sanskar” in a person’s life. The spouse is to be an integral part of one’s life and a happy married life alone can provide fulfillment of satisfaction, material and spiritual goals. Hence in ancient scriptures wife is called “Ardhangini”. “Marriages are settled in heaven…” and are direct manifestations of a native’s destiny/ Poorva Karmas in terms of timing, quality and length of marriage. A marriage could be early, timely, late, badly delayed, or even denial or could be broken by death of either spouse or divorce. Badly delayed, denial or broken marriages cause great mental agony particularly to girls and their parents in our society.

13.4.2 Marriage is primarily union of two natives. 1st house represents self. The 2nd house indicates lo9ngevity of spouse and immediate family of spouse, 4th house denotes family happiness, 5th house for Poorva Punya, progeny, emotions & mental inclination, 7th house for spouse and relations with spouse, 8th house for longevity of self & spouse, and 12th house for mutual relationship & satisfaction. Venus, Jupiter, Moon and Rahu are signification. Venus, Jupiter, Moon and Rahu are significators for marriage. The dynamic considerations include dasdha-Antar dasha-Pratyantar dasha and transit influences on 7th house, 7th lord and significators of marriage. In transit, Let us study a case of delayed marriage.

Example Chart No. 10: A Male

The native had 7th house and Venus in Paapkartari, 7th lord Sun is debilitated with new Moon Jupiter retrograde & set in 3rd house and lagna lord Saturn in 8th house aspected by Rahu. All these factors caused delay in his marriage. However the Jupiter aspected 7th house & 7th lord Sun. Jupiter is also depositor of and aspects Mars, Karaka for husband. Let us see the Antar-dasha sequences of Jupiter from 05 Oct 1968 to 2nd Oct 1984.


Dasha: The native was married on 26th Dec 1983. The dasha operating on that day was Jupiter-Rahu-Jupiter. The Jupiter aspects 7th house & 7th lord. He is also depositor of and aspects Mars, the karaka of husband. The Rahu is natural Karaka of marriage. Hence the dasha scheme gave him marriage which was already delayed.

Transit: On the day of marriage, 26th Dec 1983, Lagna lord Saturn was exalted in Libra and transiting over Natal Moon & 7th lord Sun. The Jupiter was transiting in Sagittarius with Sun and aspecting 7th house. Thus the theory of double transit, approves the marriage. The Jupiter is also Dasha & Pratyantar dasha lord. The Antar dasha lord Rahu is exalted in Taurus and aspects natal Venus, the Karaka of marriage. The Sun was transiting in Sagittarius denoting period 14th De4c to 13rd Jan. The Moon transiting in Virgo in 10th house from the Sun denotes Saptami Tithi of dark half.


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