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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Applications of Transit, Chapter XIII, Part - 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

13.1 Introduction

13.1.1 Transit has been used by all astrologers universally to confirm the occurrence of various events in a native’s life. In Vedic astrology, it is an essential ingredient along with Dasha system for an accurate astrological prediction. The promises that are inherently contained in a horoscope are akin to a frozen asset. The frozen asset is brought out of the freezer by the agencies of Dashas and is delivered in a refined/ final form by transits. Mahadeva in Jataka Tatwa, sloka 1 in `Dasha Tatwa’, says that planets give the results in their Dashas, due to their positioning in a house, sign, aspects, conjunctions, yogas and significances. Once the divine forces construe the elaborate arrangements for fructification of a promise, the transit enters the fray to deliver the same. Let us see some of the important applications of this system in Vedic astrology.

13.2 Birth Time Rectification

13.2.1 The correctness of birth time is an essential ingredient for casting an accurate/ reliable horoscope of a native/ occurrence. The Ascendant in a chart shifts by one degree for every four minute’s difference. In most of the cases, due care & caution are not followed in recording the birth timing and there is no unanimity in following “what should be the correct time of birth”. This results in a difference of time up to 10-15 minutes even among astrologically conscience persons. This necessitates some method for birth time rectification. One such method is given by Swami Sadasiva Giri.

13.2.2 The Theory: As per Swami Sadasiva Girl, a house is most likely bestow its results in the Pratyantar Dasha of the planet most closely related with it. Birth in majority of cases, take place in the Pratyantar Dasha of the lord of Lagna or Moon sign (whichever is stronger). This holds good in 75 to 80% cases. In some cases, where lagna lord and Moon sign lord are weak or posited in a Trika/ Trishadya house, the Pratyantar dasha of Nakshtra lord of Lagna lord or of Navamsha or a strong planet (exalted, Yogkaraka or Trikone lord) may cause the birth of a native.

Example Chart No. 8: Baby Isha

The child was born in Pisces lagna, which is strong by day. But lagna lord Jupiter is retrograde, in 12th house, in Rahu-Ketu axis and week in Shadbala. The Moon is in Aries at 14 degree 3 min., giving the dasha sequence at birth as Venus-Venus-Mars. Mars aspects lagna & lagna lord and is stronger than Jupiter in Shadbala. Mars is yogkaraka for Pisces lagna being lord of 2nd & 9th house. Rectification for time of birth can be done a under:-

From dasha calculations, it can be seen that Pratyantar Dasha of Mars will commence when Moon’s longitude is 14 degree 7 min. But Moon’s longitude in the horoscope confirming to noted birth time is 14 degree 3 min. The difference between the two is 4 min. As per Ephemeris, on the day of birth on 7 Oct’ 98, the Moon travelled 15’ 10’” in 24 hours or in 1440 minutes. Therefore for Moon to travel additional 5” will be 1440 x 4/910 or 6.34 min or 6’ 20”.

This means that the birth time is required to be advanced by 6’ 20’” i.e. the child must have been born at 5h 50’ 20” PM and her horoscope should be recast accordingly.


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