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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Saturn, Chapter IX, Part - 10

Dr. Shanker Adawal

9.4 Transit of Saturn through various houses w.r.t. Natal Moon

Part 2

9.4.6 Through 5th House: This transit is also inauspicious. The native becomes fearful, unscrupulous, confused, lacks discrimination & decisiveness, cheats others and his plans & projects fail. His children may get affected with serious diseases and their education is hindered. He may have decline in business, loss of income, addiction to vices like gambling/ speculation, accidents involving limbs, remains worried and has to work in base/ mean level in lower ranks. He may have maladjustment & misapplication of intelligence and liaison with wicked minded female resulting in loss of money, health & reputation on that account. He may become argumentative, antagonistic, stubborn, quarrelsome & greedy and face false allegations, litigations, dispute with children & separation from family. He may suffer from ulcers, physical fatigue, epidemics and melancholy. If dasha of Markesh runs simultaneously, one of his children may pass away.

9.4.7 Through 6th House: Here Saturn gives very good results. The native may have unexpectedly high financial status earning money from various sources, win over enemies, accumulates wealth and enjoys good health, happiness from wife & all comforts & luxuries. He gets success in profession, help from authorities, recognition of work, new position or promotion in job and leads an aristocratic life. Everything happens in favour of the native. He may get help from all family members & friends, recovers from old ailments, is free from worries becomes popular and builds a new home for himself.

9.4.8 Through 7th House: During this transit, the native always suffers from some trouble or the other. He is indecisive, incurs displeasure of authorities, and faces troubles in partnership, losses, obstacles & failure in business / ventures, mental agony. One may lose money, status, self-respect, comforts, domestic peace and face aimless journeys including foreign/ long travels involving problems, accidents & humiliation. He may suffer bad health particularly sex related ailments, physical fatigue, bad reputation/ allegation, and litigations. His wife may suffer serious illness and if dasha of Markesh runs concurrently, she may even pass away. However if some benefic planet simultaneously transit in 6th house, adverse results may be minimized.

9.4.9 Through 8th House: This is called Ashtam Shani and gives very inauspicious results. The native may suffer from acute scarcity of money, heavy losses & expenditure, conflict with others, heavy criticism, displeasure of superior authorities, intense miseries & sorrows and fear of imprisonment. There may be separation & troubles from loved ones, unhappy conjugal life, and death of some relative, illness to spouse/ children. The native may have losses due to speculative habits & litigation, bad company causing disrepute/ humiliation and accident / injuries to leg. He may lose or change job or demoted to lower rank and suffer several obstruction & impediments in life. He may suffer from heart problems, stomach ailments, piles, loss of blood and false accusation. If dasha of Markesh and/ or 8th lord is running concurrently, there may be danger to life of the native or his spouse and failure in business & ventures. There may be some relief if there is simultaneous transit of some planet, other than Sun, in the 7th house.


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