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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Saturn, Chapter IX, Part - 11

Dr. Shanker Adawal

9.4 Transit of Saturn through various houses w.r.t. Natal Moon

Part 3

9.4.10 Through 9th House: This is also an adverse transit. The native faces problems with brothers, friends & enemies, miseries & sorrows, decline in income, poverty may cripple and fruitless journeys involving accidents. He indulges in sinful, wicked or questionable acts, spends on undesirable activities, afraid of imprisonment and loses faith in religion & God. There may be unwelcome changes, drying up of savings, misunderstanding with parents, bad health of parents and may even lose one of his parent or an elderly member of family. However ancient Tamil texts ascribe good results to this transit, indicating success in all ventures, good luck & income, great comforts & luxuries, elevated high social status and sex pleasures with new women.

9.4.11 Through 10th House: Here also the transiting Saturn gives bad results. The native may suffer loss of job/ status, separation from family for long intervals, failure in various ventures, fruitless activities, scandals, false accusation, mental anguish, humiliation and miseries may multiply. He may lead difficult life, his output may be much lesser than the input, and there may be obstacles in work/ progress, bewilderment, distress, change of employment/ profession, opposition of friends & relatives and apprehension of ill-effect of black magic. The native remains confused, indecisive, has revolting tendencies, and face failure in education, hindrances in religious pursuits. The health of the native and his parents may suffer.

9.4.12 Through 11th House: The transiting Saturn gives excellent results here. The native may get improved/ high confidence, luck, status, gains of all types and fulfillment of all desires. He may have financial gains, pleasure & profit in work, promotion in job, recovery from ailments & good health and gains & cooperation from spouse, friends, relatives and even from wicked persons/ enemies. He may accumulate wealth, acquire property, gain fame, honour, comforts & luxuries, enjoyment with opposite sex and blessed with a female child. There may be increased influence, political & social success, recognition of merit and happy domestic affairs.

9.4.13 Through 12th House: This is very inauspicious transit and beginning of Sade Sati period. The native may have confused, indecisive, mind clouded with worries and anxieties. There may be poverty, loss in business/ employment with sharp decline in income, heavy & uncontrolled expenditure and aimless travels involving troubles. Native may reside away from parents/ family, get unwanted transfers, always in conflict with relatives & reputed persons, domestic disharmony, non-cooperation from friends, danger of accident, loss due to theft/ burglary and illness & deterioration in health of self, spouse & children. Whatever one plans & indulges in, ultimately make him suffer due to various limitations, restrictions and series of misfortune. There may be unpleasant changes in life, losses due to litigations, family quarrels & penalties by authorities. If dasha if Markesh also runs concurrently there may be danger to the life of the native or his children.


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