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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Applications of Transit, Chapter XIII, Part - 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1.6 Profession

Part 1

13.6.1 For consideration of various aspects of profession, following parameters should be considered/ evaluated;-

i) Strength of 10th house, 10th lord and planets posited in 10th house.

ii)  Strength of 7th house & 7th lord and their relations with 6, 8, 12th and 10th house/ lord in case of business/ tradesmen.

iii) Strength of 6th house & 6th lord and their relations with 6, 8, 12th and 10th house/ lord in case of service matters.

iv) Strength of Sun, Mercury and Saturn (being Karaka of political power, business/ trade and service/ jobs respectively) and their relation with 10th house and 10th lord.

v) Dasha related to Trika houses or their lords.

vi) Chhidra dasha or dasha of 5th house/ lord (being 8th from 10th house) or of 9th house/ lord (being 12th from 10th house).

vii) Transit of Saturn on 5th or 10th house or on Sun.

viii) Double transit of Jupiter & Saturn on 10th house/ lord and/ or lagna/ Lagna lord.

ix) Transit of dasha lords of main, Antar and/ or Pratyantar dasha with respect to 10th house/ lord, Karaka and lagna/ lagna lord.

x) Any positive link of strong 8th lord with 10th & 12th house in natal & transit charts, during its dasha, may change one’s profession with establishing link with foreign countries.

13.6.2 Example Chart No. 11: PV Narsimha Rao, Ex-Premier

The native had Lagnesh cum 10th lord Vargottam Mercury in 10th house with two fiery & Digbali planets- 12th lord Sun & 3-8th lord Mars. All the three are aspected by Rahu from 2nd house. 10th house form the Moon is of Sagittarius aspected by its lord Jupiter and the three planets in Gemini. This made native a great scholar, well versed in many languages & a great politician but timid by nature (Mars being combust) and major events in his life occurring with a sudden/ unexpected turn of events. Let us study some of the important events.


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