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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Applications of Transit, Chapter XIII, Part - 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1.6 Profession

Part 2

i) 31 Oct 1984: Death of Indira Gandhi, ex-Premier: The native, being senior most cabinet minister, was tipped to be at least care taker premier. But he missed the opportunity. The running Dasha of the native on date was Moon-Saturn-Mercury. In the natal chart, Moon & Saturn were in 6/ 8 position. In transit on the day, Saturn, Sun & Mercury are conjunct in 2nd house aspecting Moon in 4th house, 8th house & 11th (house of gains). Saturn was transiting in 8th from natal Moon (Ashtam Shani) giving inauspicious results. Hence the native missed the good opportunity.

ii) 21 Jan 1991: The native was running dasha of Mars-Rahu-Sun. In the natal chart, Sun & Mars were in 10th house with lagna cum 10th lord Mercury and were aspected by Rahu (in Nakshtra of Mars). Mars was 8th lord and aspected lagna, 4th & 5th house. The sudden change of events catapulted him to PM’s job from oblivion & ill health. In the transit on the day, Sun & Mercury were in 10th house with Rahu aspecting them. Rahu’s depositor was exalted Jupiter posited with Mars. Mars in 5th from natal Moon gave him poor health, but Rahu & Sun gave him political power. Saturn transiting in 11th from natal Moon, gave him great boost.

iii) Jun/ Jul 1996: The native was running Chhidra dasha of Mars- Moon and Rahu-Rahu. The native lost post of Prime Minister & of C9ongress President as suddenly as he got them. Mars was 8th lord and the Nakshtra lord of Rahu was Mars. Mars was combust and aspected by Rahu. In transit, Saturn was in natal Moon sign (Pisces) in infamous Sadhe Sati and Mars & Rahu were conjunct in Virgo (lagna) both being inauspicious being in 7th from natal Moon and transiting Saturn. The native suffered loss of status after losing majority in Loksabha.

iv) 3 Dec 2004: The native died on this day, while he was running dasha of Rahu-Saturn. Rahu was a Chhidra planet aspecting 8th house & 8th lord Mars. Saturn was lord of 64th Navamsha and aspected Rahu. In transit on the day, Rahu was transiting in 8th house and Saturn aaspected lagna & 8th house with Rahu therein. Thus both Rahu & Saturn influence 8th house.

13.7 Conclusion

The application of transit along with dasha sequence is of vital importance in timing and fine tuning of delivery of the promises shown in the natal chart. The use of transit without natal chart and dasha sequence is of very little consequence. Saturn is considered the most malefic and Jupiter as the most benefic/ protector. Hence the role of Jupiter as a benevolent protector should always be seen in the horoscope. The relationship of Saturn with the lord of the house, where it is transiting, is equally important. If Saturn is Yogkaraka or lord of an auspicious house or a fast friend of the house lord, its dasha & transit will be very different than when he is bitter enemy of the house lord or himself lord of a Trika house. The Moorthy being formed at the time of entry of Saturn in a house (Moorthy Nirnaya) will certainly modify the result of Saturn’s transit. Further the role of dasha lords in natal chart and in transit, with respect to relevant house/ lord & yogkaraka, brings out the correct picture for the native. Finally the application of double transit of Saturn & Jupiter puts the final seal of approval for any major event to happen in a native’s life.

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