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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Applications of Transit, Chapter XIII, Part - 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

13.5 Progeny

13.5.1 The 5th house is general house for progeny and the 1st child and hence called Putra Brava. The desire to have progeny after marriage is the most universal method of self-expression and frustration of this impulse has caused havoc to many. The promise/ capability to have children, their timing, number and quality can be assessed from 5th house. The aspects/ association of Malefics will hinder the process, while benefics will be good & progressive. The 5th house also represent Poorva Punya emotion, creativity, recreation etc. Scrutiny of birth chart, Moon lagna, Navamsha, Saptamsha, Beej/Kshetra Sphuta, Trikone houses & their lords, Karaka Jupiter, appropriate dasha and transit should always be made for studying various aspects related with progeny. Out of the surviving children, the 1st child is seen from 5th house, 2nd from 7th, 3th from 9th house and so on.

13.5.2  The favourable operating Dasha for birth of children are of 5th lord, 7th lord, 9th lord, Lagna lord of Saptamsha, of Jupiter, of depositor of 5th lord, or of planets posited in or aspecting 5th house. In transit Jupiter and Saturn should separately but simultaneously influence 5th/ 9th house or their lords. The Sun may indicate month of birth of child and the Moon the date of birth.

13.5.3 Example: Let us study the chart No. 10 of the native given above.

Vimshotri Dasha of the native: Saturn (2nd Oct 1984 – 2nd Oct 2003)


First Child: The native had his first child on 10th Dec 1984 at 12-55 AM at Delhi during operating Dasha of Sat-Sat-Sat. In the natal chart, Lagna lord Saturn aspects 5th house by 10th aspect. In Saptamsha, Saturn, conjunct with child karaka Jupiter, aspects 5th house by 3rd aspect. During transit on 10 Dec 1984, Jupiter in Sagittarius, conjunct with 2-5th lord Mercury aspects 5th house and Saturn, exalted in Libra, aspect Mercury by 3rd aspect (double transit). The Sun was in Scorpio, denoting period of birth as between mid-Nov to Mid-Dec and the Moon was transiting natal 5th house. Hence all parameters set for transit conditions are fulfilled.

Second Child: The native had his second child on 31st Aug 1986 at 4-15 at Delhi during opereating dasha of Sat-Sat-Mon. In the natal chart, Lagnesh Saturn asapects 5th house by 10th aspect and the Moon was in 9th house with 5th lord Mercury. In Saptamsha, the Moon was in 7th house (representing 2nd child) aspected by Jupiter, the karaka for children. During transit on 31st Aug 1986, Saturn, in Scorpio by 10th  aspect and Jupiter by 7th aspect from Aquarius aspect 5th lord Mercury in 9th house (double transit). The Sun was in 7th house of Leo denoting birth period as mid-Aug to Mid-Sep, while the Moon was in 9th house. Thus all parameters of transit are again met.

Third Child: The native had his third child on 30th Nov 1988 at 4-15 AM at Delhi during operative dasha of Sat-Mer-Mon. In the natal chart, Saturn aspect 5th house by 10th aspect, Mercury was 5th lord in 9th house with Moon, and the combination is in mutual aspect with Jupiter, the karaka of children. In Saptamsha, Saturn conjunct with Jupiter aspect 5th & 9th house (representing 3rd child) and both Mercury & Moon are in signs of Saturn. In transit, on 30th Nov 1988, Saturn, Sagittarius, aspects 5th house by 7th aspect and Jupiter by previous house aspects 5th lord Mercury and the Moon in 9th house. The Sun is in Scorpio, denoting birth period between mid-Nov & mid-Dec, while the Moon is in 7th house; thus again upholding the transit parameters.


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