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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Nodes, Chapter X, Part – 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal

10.5 Transit over Natal positions
Part 1

10.5.1 Over Ascendant: The native may be worried, face ill health & difficulties and sudden unpleasant reversals. One may have abundant sex desires but lewdness to his wife. The marital relations may be estranged. The results are influenced by the sign in ascendant. One should not rely on anyone except his own. One should have self-confidence and systematic & courageous working. Generally Rahu gives results as exalted Sun but spoils the house where Sun is posited. The malefic effects of Rahu last till the age of 42 years and of Ketu till 48 years.

10.5.2 Over Natal Sun: The transit of Rahu indicates the events of ego & identity with a strong desire to be in prominence & limelight. It is a good period to achieve recognition & personal elevation, wherever Sun is located. It may cause separation from/ death of spouse. Transit in 8th house affects longevity and in 10th, profession/ prestige. But Ketu’s transit is inauspicious in nature. It may cause disappointments, sudden & unexpected problems, inferior complex, health problems, losses in speculation and physical fatigue. There may be serious illness or even death of father or of some close male relation.

10.5.3 Over Natal Moon: Mother or woman in life, play an important role often causing hindrance. Native may be sick and feel depressed, gloomy & melancholy during this transit. The transit of Rahu is worse and may give rise to split personality, basal & materialistic instinct, hysteria, religious mania, lunacy and nervous problems. The transit in 4th, 7th or 10th from Moon gives bad health to mother, unhappy married life and setbacks in profession respectively. Transit of Ketu gives one lust for power and ruthless & tyrannical behavior. Mother’s health may suffer or she may get separated. One’s own father and children may not cooperate.

10.5.4 Over Natal Mars: Both the nodes during transit increase the malevolence of Mars. It gives additional uncontrolled energy to the native and may make him accident prone, violent with killing tendency or a violent death. Indirectly it helps native to succeed in sports like boxing. Rahu’s transit in 2nd, 10th or 11th gives riches by underhand & questionable means. But during Ketu’s transit, one may make several mistakes in service & profession giving demotion in job or loss in business. One may suffer from low blood pressure, depression, nervous problems, mental agony and spinal disorders. In 3rd house, it may give unnatural death and 4th or 9th house, it affects father’s longevity.

10.5.5 Over Natal Mercury: Nodes transit over Mercury may make a native suffer a disease which is difficult to be diagnosed or cured. Even nervous breakdown or insanity may be caused. Rahu’s transit makes one eccentric with perverse intelligence. But writing faculty with creative intellect improves. There may be change in job or in method of working, which brings sudden changes. One may reciprocate assistance from siblings. However transit of Ketu gives specialization & analytical intellect. But the mind may be restless causing lack of peace at home. There may be deception/ losses while dealing with large sum of money or financial accounting. Avoid long term planning or long travel.


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