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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Nodes, Chapter X, Part – 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal

10.5 Transit over Natal positions

Part 2

10.5.6 Over Natal Jupiter: The transit of Rahu gives substantial control over philosophies & finances. Popularity may increase with charm & generosity of heart and mind with interest in others, but one scoffs at religion. The native may get a fortunate & new turn of life with increase in material status. But the transit of Ketu indicates poor health and unexpected & heavy expenditure. Avoid borrowing and disharmony at home. Events may move against one’s choice.

10.5.7 Over Natal Venus: Rahu’s transit indicates more passionate relations with others specially with opposite sex with perverse sex outlook & aesthetic sense. One may marry out of caste or elope with a younger partner. Some sober & harmonious relation may develop, making one happy and prosperous. One may gain through computer profession but there will be decline in prosperity after Ketu’s dasha. However transit of Ketu is not good for love, romance & married life and separation/ divorce may occur. It is a period of sudden losses and difficulties in business/ profession.

10.5.8 Over Natal Saturn: The transit escalates Saturnine problems and may give rise to melancholia, suicidal tendency & criminal bent of mind, but under aspect of Jupiter may produce a saint. The native may get additional big/ small responsibility. It is period for change following changes, working with older person. Ideas & methodology, may ultimately be to one’s benefit. The result of transit will depend on the strength of natal Saturn. There may be mental fatigue, worries, sickness or death in near family especially of an older relation. General focus and areas of obstruction will come from house ruled by Capricorn in birth chart.

10.5.9 Over Natal Nodes: During this period, native may save from income. A progressive change with opportunity that is exciting, profitable & sound, may be favourable. One should proceed carefully to deal with superiors, credit, reputation etc. If the natal Nodes are ill-placed, the transit could be deceptive, undermine one’s security and be fatal. During transit of Ketu things may slowdown or even become complicated but lends strength & depth to native’s present opportunities. The general results may be akin to those given for Mars & Saturn in Para 10.5.4 & 10.5.8 respectively.


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