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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Nodes, Chapter X, Part – 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal

10.4 Transit of Nodes as an Axis in houses from Natal Moon

Part 2

10.4.7 In 7th / 1st House: It is an inauspicious transit. Native loses self-respect, gets humiliated, and develops enmity/ misunderstandings with spouse, siblings, relatives & friends due to argumentative nature. He encounters poor health, unexpected calamities, loss of property, sickness of spouse, change of place and problems in journey/ foreign land. Native takes medicine regularly though not seriously ill. There could be early marriage, increase in mental confusion/ agony or scandals due to some older & wicked woman. For females, there could be skin disease or fire accidents in kitchen.

10.4.8 In 8th / 2nd House: This is also a bad transit indicating various sufferings/ losses to the native. He may betray his spouse & children, loses property & wealth, face financial setbacks & scarcity, troubles from in-laws and falls prey to bad habits. One may face fear complex, serious diseases/ operation, even danger of life to native, his spouse or children or mourning among maternal relations. There may be delay & impediments in business/ real estate or break in service/

10.4.9 In 9th / 3rd House: This indicate period of mixed results. The native may have unpleasant relations with siblings & friends and they may forsake & harass him, bringing miseries and mental worries. He may have short term unexpected professional gains and income increases but is spent on unwanted heads. He may indulge in sinful acts and follow religion/ customs of other’s faith. Native’s health suffers and there may be bereavement in paternal family.

10.4.10 In 10th / 4th house: It is normally a bad transit. Native loses money, property & support of authorities and has unpleasant & unprofitable changes. He remains sickly & addicted to vices causing worries to parents. He may have to do funeral rites of parents, losses in speculation and suffer confusion, fire accident or stomach troubles. Bad results prevails during 2nd half of transit. However if conjoined by lord of a Trikone or Yogkaraka, native may have sudden success and gain in education & prestige which disappear by end of the transit.

10.4.11 In 11th / 5th House: It brings money from various sources including speculation & from foreign land/ trade and health of the native & his family improves. One acquires property and respect & honour in the society. Ketu being Gnan Karaka, gives sharp intellect, clear mind & power of discrimination. One may have sudden unconventional marriage or pleasure through low ranked women. He may be irreligious, shameless, melancholy, suffer stomach/ liver problems, skin eruptions, mental disturbances and loss/ serious illness to one of his children. The females may suffer disease of womb/ ovaries & suffer abortion.

10.4.12 In 12th / 6th House: The native may have heavy expenditure and less income followed by separation from family, disturbed sleep, ill health, sorrows & misery. There may be change of place, fear from mean people, failure in ventures, loss of property, blood related disease and fracture in legs. The transit is bad for maternal relations. But there may be realization of dues, clearance of old debts, unexpected sudden gain in business & power, loose morals, happiness of bed pleasure and wins over enemies & legal suits.


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