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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Nodes, Chapter X, Part – 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

10.3 Transit of Nodes as an Axis in Signs

Part 2

10.3.6 Virgo-Pisces: Both the signs are dual and of Mercury & Jupiter. It gives native domestic happiness, sudden gain of wealth & prosperity in native place and public recognition, advancement in studies. His writing or singing qualities may brighten up and he may go abroad. He may have sex with status women and his social desires may bloom with stability and perseverance. Still better results should be expected, if the sign lords are in a Kendra/ Trikone. However if afflicted, one may get blackmailed, injured in accident or fatal end due to fall.
10.3.7 Libra-Aries: It is a difficult transit indicating bereavement of elders, trouble from authorities and loss of wealth, property & position. The native may not be after material comforts & luxuries openly, but still have them in life. He may have late marriage and much disharmony & unhappiness after that. One is fond of opposite sex and passionate about it.

10.3.8 Scorpio-Taurus: Both the Nodes being in debility give poor results. The native is lazy, lusty, deceitful and of loose morals. Mental discord robes him of much pleasure in life. One may go from one extreme to another during this period. However, one may be fortunate through a noble spouse, subdue one’s enemies and get wealth & honour through government favours.

10.3.9 Sagittarius-Gemini: Desires for early & direct results, make the native hasty, impatient, short tempered and impulsive, choosing a path of independence and isolation. He gets defeated in various attempts in public life, earns ill-feelings of relatives and loses wealth & status. He may get esoteric knowledge with or without occult learning. He has love & understanding for wife and children. If well conjoined/ aspected, native get success, name, fame & wealth after many attempts.

10.3.10 Capricorn-Cancer: The native is endowed with idealism and gives much of its substance to weaker & less fortunate ones. He is logical in his arguments and takes interest in social & political life. One loses/ misuses wealth & family comforts to gain high spirituality. If well placed, one gains through foreigners and gets honour, fame & wealth late in life.

10.3.11 Aquarius-Leo: The native has a tendency to neglect home or office routine to help others. During this period, he may have bereavement, sickness, worries & disputes with wife & relatives. One becomes very innovative, diplomatic but unpredictable in his action and business. One may be timid, impatient but have a good taste in fine arts.

10.3.12 Pisces-Virgo: This is a tough transit indicating bereavement, loss of wealth through theft/ fire, accident from machine tools, trouble from authorities and digestive problems. There may be loss during travels and the period may be full of worries. But the native may be religious, well behaved, fond of arts and involved in research work with logic, efficiency & minutest accuracy. One may like to exchange emotional feelings around to keep happy.


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