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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Nodes, Chapter X, Part – 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

10.4 Transit of Nodes as an Axis in houses from Natal Moon

Part 1

10.4.1 In 1st-7th House: This may be a period of serious mental worries due to unsolved difficulties & problems, and sufferings due to undiagnostic diseases & black magic. The native experience bad luck, discord in partnership, domestic unhappiness, marital problems and unnecessary expenditure. One may face danger of drowning and loss due to theft. He may face false accusation and aimlessly wander without work. Male natives may be self-centered, more materialistic and may earn bad name due to lewdness & adultery, while females may suffer abortion and remain sick. Unmarried natives may suddenly enter into unorthodox/ unconventional marriage.

10.4.2 In 2nd-8th House: This is an inauspicious transit. The native, his spouse & children may have ill-health, danger from poison, suffer dental/ eye troubles, surgery, ulcers or fear complex. There may be heavy expenditure/ shortage of income, difficulties in realizing debts, sudden loss of jewellary/ wealth, quarrel in the family over trivial matters, troubles from in-laws or a scandal due to a widow. One may be cheated by others, losses in long/ foreign journeys and harsh & angry speech may invite further worries. But the wife may be attractive, submissive and pleasure giving.

10.4.3 In 3rd / 9th House: It gives mixed results-good results of 3rd and bad ones of 9th. During waxing Moon life will be comfortable with improved heath, sudden gain of money through questionable means, success in education of self & siblings and gain in business/ ventures/ publishing through bold/ courageous acts and short travels. One may get married or have sex with woman of other religion. Father may suffer bad health. Native may be short-tempered & arrogant, suffer in foreign land, higher education hampered and shows disrespect to religion/ customs. During waning Moon, results may be worse.

10.4.4 In 4th / 10th House: This is an inauspicious transit. Native or his mother may have bad heath, abdominal disorders, mental worries, psychic problems or separation/ misunderstanding from each other. He may have interruption in education/ profession, penalties by authorities, delay/ dissatisfaction in all matters, change of residence and unexpected gain of money may be lost in speculation/ gambling. There may be mourning in family, enmity with relations, danger of fire/ vehicular accident and sudden troubles from landed property.

10.4.5 In 5th / 11th House: It again gives mixed results. The native is in a confused state of mind. There could be delay in birth of 1st child, show progress in children education and one may have conflict/ problems/ unhappiness due to children. Native may undertake profitable long/ foreign journeys and have good income from agriculture and better status in business/ profession/ job. But he may squander away the income on speculation, luxuries & addictions, develops evil character, enmity with relatives & friends and may be humiliated by woman. He is accident prone, has danger from water and his elder sibling may fall ill. Presence of waxing Moon modifies ill-effects.

d10.4.6 In 6th / 12th House: This transit bestows long life, good health, wealth, power & landed property and salvation after full material enjoyments. The native gets financial gains from West direction, clears off debts & disease, success in competitions, commands respect & honour and enemies automatically vanishes. But during waxing Moon, there may be mental agony, loss of money, heavy & uncontrolled expenditure, maternal uncle may fall ill and one may have liaison & sex with low caste women/ widows. One may be prone to accident and epidemics. The Ketu in 12th gives financial achievement if its dasha is on; otherwise makes native detached from material gains & sex life and seek seclusion & meditation.


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