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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Jupiter, Chapter VIII, Part - 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal

8.4 Transit of Jupiter through various Houses

Part 3

8.4.9 In 9th from natal Moon: This is a very good transit. The native enjoys good luck, sound health, wealth, prosperity, higher social & political status, success in all endeavours, gain from father/ grand-father and appreciation/ awards by the government. He earns good name fame, popularity as elected representative and is involved in charitable & philanthropic activities. He gets learned as a scholar, specialized higher education, interest in religious literature & rituals and support from parents. He has good income from various sources like agriculture, business & property, success with efficiency and promotion in service & career. He patronizes many people & institutions, is modest and of a high moral character. However the good results may be reduced if a planet simultaneously transit 10th house.

8.4.10 In 10th from natal Moon: Surprisingly it does not give good results. The native loses material possessions like land, property & valuable or perishable items. He may have to wait on others even for small things. He may suffer loss of status due to dismissal/ demotion in service/ career, involvement in a misappropriation/ scandal and/ or displeasure of superiors. There may be many domestic troubles, disputes regarding inherited property, and one’s own desires may remain unfulfilled. There may be serious illness or even death to one’s child, father or a friend. The native may suffer from lack of confidence, tiredness, mental depression, separation from family and bad health due to cough, disorders of lungs or liver etc. However the ill effects are largely mitigated if another planet simultaneously transit 9th house.

8.4.11 In 11th from natal Moon: It is a very good transit indicating gains from various quarters and fulfillment of all desires. The native may become local head, MLA or MP and have high social & financial status. He may get lands, property & agricultural farms. His name & fame will spread and he may get honour & awards from government. He may have renewed health, wealth, happiness, splendor, auspicious ceremonies like marriage/ child- birth, good sex pleasures and victory over enemies. There may be promotion in service, expansion & success in business and gain of all types of comforts & luxuries. The native may  have gain of knowledge, intellect & scholarship and engage in charitable activities. He may have gainful foreign travels. But the good effects may be reduced if there is simultaneous transit by another planet in 8th house.

8.4.12 In 12th from natal Moon: It is a very difficult transit. The native may get separation from his family or move out of his home under compulsion. He may face all types of troubles including financial, indiscriminate loss of wealth, difficulties in disposal of immovable property, increase/ overspending of expenditure, deterioration of health and losses in speculation/ gambling. His own money may not be available to him for his needs and it may be difficult to maintain his dignity/ pride. There may be melancholy, sorrow, news of death in the family, unwanted enemies and scandals involving a female. One may face loss of domestic peace, troubles from wicked persons and become victim of unexpected calamities. During waning Moon, he may incur loss of child, job, employment or status. If Jupiter gets retrograde, the condition worsens and it may further denote locking away of his identity & enthusiasm. However the evil effects may be considerably reduced, if there is simultaneous transit of another planet in 11th house.


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