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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Saturn’s Transit in Libra, Chapter XIV, Part - 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

14.1 Introduction

14.1.1 Saturn, Shani, being ruler of Karmas, longevity & `Kaal (time)’ controls one’s destiny. He is the most dreaded planet signifying sorrows, miseries, sufferings, obstacles, impediments, chronic diseases, deformities, delays, laziness, depression, poverty and restrictions among others. As a subdue, it destroys one’s pride, arrogance and ego subjecting to problems mentioned above. But he is a great friend of mankind & masses, strict disciplinarian, hard task master, asking for self-control, restrain, sacrifice, patience, solitude, austerity & spirituality. He loves justice, perfection, concentration, renunciation of desires & cravings and a great fighter against evil & baser instincts. Saturn’s purpose by transit is to pressurize the native to fix what is being long neglected, to restore order to whatever has become chaotic/ out of control, and to reclaim what is intrinsically valuable.

14.1.2 Saturn is strong in 7th house, getting directional strength, in Libra where it is exalted (deep, exaltation at 20 degree), and for Taurus/ Libra Ascendant/ Moon sign where he is Yogkaraka. He is also strong at the end of a sign, during dark half of Moon and during his week-day. The house that Saturn transits, indicates the part of one’s life that is being examined and represents the areas of tension in one’s life that require close attention. The planets that Saturn transits over, represents the energy that are being challenged and the behavior patterns under examination. Saturn teaches natives about the values of moderation, caution & hard work. Being slowest in motion it is also called Mand and is karaka of anything slow-be it disease or a long stay in office. It may cause delay in any/ every aspect of life, it is associated, but does not deny their fruits.

14.2 Movements of Slow Moving Planets

14.2.1 Being a slow moving planet, Saturn takes about 2-1/2 years to transit over a sign and about 30 years to cover one round of the zodiac. On 15th Nov 2011, it has entered Libra (3rd quarter of Chitra Nakshtra), turns retrograde on 8th Feb 2012 and enters 2nd quarter of Chitra (Virgo) on 16 May 2012. Saturn becomes direct on 26 Jun 2012 and re-enters Chitra 3rd quarter on 4 Aug 2012, enters Swati Nakshtra on 11 Oct 2012. He again becomes retrograde on 19 Feb 2013, gets direct motion on 9 July 2013, all in Swati Nakshtra. Saturn enters Vishakha Nakshtra on 4 Nov 2003 and leaves 3rd quarter of Vishakha (Libra) on 2 Nov 2014. Durinig his stay in Libra, Saturn is exalted and is not bothered about Vedha by Sun or of combustion as Libra is sign of debilitation for Sun.

14.2.2 During the period of Saturn’s transit in Libra, Jupiter is currently in Aries (in opposition) and moves to Taurus (in 6/8 position) on 17th May 2012 and to Gemini (in 5/9 position) on 31st May 2013. Rahu & Ketu are currently in Scorpio & Taurus (signs of debility in 2/ 12 position) but will move to Libra & Aries (in conjunction & in opposition) on 23rd Dec 2012 and will remain there till Saturn’s sojourn in Libra. The Mars is currently in Leo (in 3/11 position) on a long stay and will enter Virgo (in 2/ 12 position) on 26th Jun 2012, Libra (conjunct) on 15th Aug 2012, Scorpio (2/ 12 position) on 29th Sep 2012, Sagittarius (3/ 11 position) on 9th Nov 2012, in Capricorn (both exalted & in 4/ 10 position) on 18th Dec 2012. In 2013, Mars enters Aquarius (5/9 position) on 26th Jan, in Pisces (6/ 8 position) on 5th Mar, in Aries (in opposition) on 13th Apr, in Taurus (6/ 8 position) on 24th May, in Gemini (5/ 9 position) on 5th Jul, in Cancer (in debility & in 4/ 10 position) on 19th Aug and in Leo again on 6th Oct 2013. Mars enters Virgo on 27th Nov, and Libra on 5th Feb 2012, back again in Virgo on 26 Mar, re-enters Libra on 15 Jul and finally leaves Libra on 5th Sep 2014.


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