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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Sarvato Bhadra Chakra, Chapter XII, Part - 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

12.4 Vedha / Aspects of various Planets

12.4.1 Sun: Mental agony or misunderstandings due to opposition or wrath of authorities, opposition of parents, loss of wealth & status, residence in far off/ foreign land, travel abroad, destruction of various kind, rheumatic pains, fear & troubles of and from animals.

12.4.2 Moon: A waxing Moon gives victory, auspicious results, gain of comforts, conveyance, clothes & ornaments, happiness and recovery from diseases. But a waning Moon gives mental distress, physical discomforts, loss of work, unhappiness of all kinds, foreign residence and may be imprisonment.

12.4.3 Mars: Loss of family member/ friend or separation from them, unhappiness/ mental agony from spouse & children, loss of property, land, wealth, or work, lawsuits related to property/ marital disharmony, bilious/ stomach/ muscular ailments, accidents, wounds, surgery and loss of blood, destruction of intelligence, and unwanted long travels.

12.4.4 Mercury: Gives happiness from spouse, children, disciples & subordinates, royal favours/ honours, peace, gain of fame, knowledge/ wisdom, business & agricultural lands, success in debates/ negotiations, receipt of good news, letter or communications and release from confinement.

However, if Mercury is debilitated, combust, associated with malefics or placed in an inimical sign, the results will be opposite to those given above.

12.4.5 Jupiter: Best benefic to give all-round success, progress & prosperity. It gives all kind of wealth, health, happiness, comforts & auspicious results; peace, marriage & marital happiness, favours from the Guru/ authorities and increase in wisdom, knowledge, religious, moral & spiritual activities.

However if Jupiter is conjunct with malefics or debilitated, it gives distress due to diseases, calamities & scandals, displeasure/ humiliation by superiors/ authorities, bondage due to spouse/ progeny or even death.

12.4.6 Venus: It gives gain of spouse, marital happiness, progeny, wealth, all types of material luxuries/ comforts, conveyance, apparels & ornaments, and royal favours; increase in social status, virility & bed-pleasures. If Venus is conjunct with malefics or is debilitated, it gives loss of wealth, marital disharmony, quarrels with females, scandals, and loss of vehicles or accidents from them.

12.4.7 Saturn: It shows chronic/ painful sickness, disability, fractures, fear, sorrow, dire misfortune, scandals, humiliation, imprisonment, loss of peace, place & job, infatuation with old/ low class female, troubles in journeys, loss of relatives, friend & servants and death due to violence.

12.4.8 Rahu: It causes heart disease, loss of consciousness, various fear & phobias, all types of impediments in works, sudden calamity, relations with a widow/ low caste females and problems caused by Saturn.

12.4.9 Ketu: Loss of grains, wife or child, epidemics, diseases difficult to be diagnosed, fear from authorities, sudden calamity, body pains, non-receipt of things which seem easily available and other evil results of Mars.

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