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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Sarvato Bhadra Chakra, Chapter XII, Part - 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

12.3.3 Special Aspects:

i) The four Nakshtra in the middle of each direction have four letters allotted to them, viz. in East- with Ardra in square 36- K, Gh, Dn & Chh in South-with Hasta square 42 has P, Thh, Shh, & Nnn in West with P. Ashada, square 48 has Ph, Bh, Dha, & Dhh and in North with U. Bhadra, square 54 has D, Th, Jh, Yn. When a Nakshtra or any one of the letters with it in group of four receives Vedha, the other three simultaneously receive Vedha along with it.

ii) The letters B/V, Kh/Khs & S/Sh are placed together in square Nos 35, 50 & 53. When one of them is aspected, the other also receive it at the same time.

iii) Vedha to following vowels occur in pairs i.e. if one vowel has Vedha then the other is also affected at the same time. The pairs are A/ Aa, E/ Ee, U/ Uoo, R/ Ri, Lr/ Lra, Ay/ Aye, O/ Aou and An/ Ah.

iv) In the NE, when a planete in the 4th quarter of Bharini has Vedha on 1st quarter of Krittika (or vice versa), the vowels A, U, Lr & O and Poorna Tithis also have Vedha.

v) In the SE, when a planet in the 4th quarter of Ashlesha has Vedha on the 1st quarter of Magha, or vice versa, then the vowels Aa, Uoo, Lra, Aou and Poorna Tithis also have Vedha.

vi) In the SW, when a planet in the 4th quarter of Vishakha has Vedha on the 1st quarter of Anuradha, or vice versa, the vowel E, R, Aye & An and Poorna Tithis are also affected.

vii) In the NW, then a planet in the 4th quarter of Shravan has Vedha on the 1st quarter of Dhanishta, or vice versa, the vowels Ee, Ri, Aye & Ah and Poorna Tithis are also affected.

viii) Retrograde planet when retrograde becomes highly malefic and a benefic retrograde becomes highly benefic. A malefic planet when it leaves the Vedha Nakshtra and shifts to another Nakshtra, it does not give malefic results.

x) Vedha of Lunar tithis in bright half (Shukla Paksha) is full (100%), while Vedha in dark half is only 50%. Each Tithi has its own consonant. So when a Tithi has Vedha, the consonant also has Vedha automatically and vice versa.

xi) When a planet is causing Vedha to a particular sign, its vowel, consonant and Tithi will also have Vedha simultaneously.

xii) When two planets occupy identical longitude in a Nakshtra or its quarter, or by two planets occupying two different signs opposite each other at a distance of 180 degree e.g. Sun in 10 degree in Aries and Saturn in 10 degree of Libra. This aspect is most dangerous.


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