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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Sarvato Bhadra Chakra, Chapter XII, Part - 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

12.5 Special Vedha Results

12.5.1 Vedhas by Malefic Planets:

i) If in the Vedha by Sun, Mars, Saturn & waning Moon also joins, it gives disease of the head, stomach, fever, fistula, hemorrhage, and fear of witches.

ii) If the Nakshtra receives malefic Vedha, it gives confusion, pulmonary diseases, loss of relatives, aimless wandering and bad results in all ventures.

iii) If the sign receive malefic Vedha, it results in all kinds of sorrow, obstacles & impediments, extreme agitation & misfortune, unhappiness and diseases.

iv) If first letter of a person’s name receives Vedha, it gives death, sorrow, diseases, loss of wealth & enjoyments, distress due to authorities, quarrels with spouse/ servants and destruction of cattle or vehicles.

v) If a vowel receives Vedha, it gives pain in the body, fear of death, loss of valuables, quarrels with relatives and serious diseases.

vi) If the Tithi receives the Vedha, it causes loss of wealth & intellect, fear complex, terrible confusion, or fall from a height.

vii) If the Vedha is on the day of birth, mental agony and unhappiness.

viii) Malefic Vedha to any of the five components leads to worry, delusion & inconvenience. Vedha to any two gives loss of relatives, mental tension and fear. Vedha to any three, gives loss of all types of troubles, wealth and peace of mind. Vedha to any four gives fear, serious disease and pain. Vedha to all five gives death or death like troubles.

ix) If Sign, Nakshtra, Navamsha and Tithi are receiving Vedha from malefic planets, Such Muhurats should be out rightly rejected. If a marriage is performed, there will be no marital happiness, and if a journey is performed, the native cannot perform his work or does not return back safely or if a disease starts, it takes very long to be cured.

12.5.2 Vedha/ Aspect by Benefic Planets

i) If the Nakshtra receives benefic Vedha, it gives an increase in physical strength and fearlessness.

ii) If the sign receives benefic Vedha, it gives great happiness & success.

iii) If the first letter of the name receives Vedha, it gives gains of various kind and makes the person fearless.

iv) If the vowel receives Vedha, it increases good fortune and all-round happiness.

v) If any one of the component gets benefic Vedha, it leads to increase in good fortune, growth and prosperity. Vedha to any two components gives all types of gains. Vedha to any three leads to success/ victory in all fields. Vedha to any four gives all-round happiness & wealth. Vedha to all five components give gain of new position/ status and all types of auspicious results.

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