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6.5 Transit Results of Venus

Part 1
6.5.1 Venus is the 2nd planet from the Sun and closest to the earth. Being a fast moving planet, the effect of transit of Venus is brief to be felt only for a couple of days except when it is retrograde. It says in a sign/ house for about a month. It is considered as a feminine and is the most benefic and social planet. She produces auspicious results when transiting 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 11th & 12th from natal Moon provided there is no planet in the 8th, 7th, 1st, 10th, 9th, 5th, 11th, 6th & 3rd counted from natal Moon correspondingly. She rules spontaneous power of attraction, rules over love, values & emotions that bring people together on their own and creates new & enjoyable relations including marriage. It is power behind creativity which is higher spirituality. She is a social planet which brings wealth, vehicles, property, happy social occasions, entertainment, & fun etc. Venus is Karaka for wife/ husband and also includes young sister, daughter & female friends/ servants as well. She is the karaka of giving all types of material & sensual pleasures pertaining to this life and of instruments to achieve the same through opposite sex. It offers better results when placed alone, during waxing Moon and ahead of Sun in the natal chart. Its worst results are when it is combust or retrograde or when Rahu aspects or is conjunct, causing pervert thinking, unusual alliances, unconventional values in life and loss of wealth & family comforts. It is strong from late evening to early morning.

6.5.2 In transit over natal Moon: It is a very good time when the native is surrounded by younger friends & females and enjoys all the worldly sensual pleasures & happiness. It confers wealth, vehicles, comforts/ luxuries, jewels, fragrant perfumes, good dresses and good food. The native may get married, have sexual pleasure with wife or otherwise and may get a female progeny. His finance will improve, he gets favours from authorities (particularly females), and gets awards, promotions & higher positions. If afflicted, one had loose morals and addicted to sinful acts.

6.5.3 In 2nd from Moon: The native may get continuous inflow of income, wealth & grains, prosperity, royal favours,  new clothes, gems & ornaments, comforts & luxuries and domestic happiness. He enjoys good health, full pleasures from wife and may be blessed with a child. He enjoys beauty wherever seen and is available. He acquires good education & skill and becomes proficient. His sense of discrimination, right thinking, argumentative skill and taking correct decision increases. The native may get promotion, does charity (particularly of giving food) and get increased interest in music. Venus, if afflicted, indicates extra-marital relations, loose morals and addition to sinful pursuits.

6.5.4 In 3rd from Moon: The native gets authority, wealth, honour, position, prosperity and victory over enemies. He becomes courageous & energetic and gets power, prestige, success in all endeavours and pleasures from siblings. He gets enlightened positive approach & thinking, learns various subjects and takes interest in religious activities. He will get cured of all diseases/ ailments due to timely & specialist attention. He may get variety of dresses, jewels and loveable social life. There may be gain through exchange of letters. However he may have to live separately from his wife for a short duration.


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