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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Inner Planets’ Transits, Chapter VI, Part - 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal

6.4 Transit Results of Mercury

Part 3

6.4.12 In 11th from Moon: The native gains health, wealth, prosperity, increase in fortune & finances, physical felicity, mental happiness, comforts/ luxuries, and good public relations specially with younger people. There will be happiness in family/ conjugal life, gets new company of younger friends, expansion of literary activities and jubilation in team/ group working. Persons engaged in auditing, accounting, communication & recreational activities will earn good money. The native may earn respect & honour through his sweet & pleasant speech.

6.4.13 In 12th from Moon: The native has no control over extra-expenditure over unwanted items and his health may fail. It indicates loss of money, serious troubles by secret enemies & friends, disgrace, humiliation, misunderstanding with wife & relations and domestic unhappiness. The native may suffer joint pains, injury in legs, paralytic attack or nervous disorder, necessitating hospitalization. There may be mental agony due to financial losses caused by surety taken for loans of others, litigation, marital discord, displeasure of government or failure of business done with borrowed money.

6.4.14 In lagna: Since Mercury gets digbali in lagna, the native’s faculty of speech & negotiating/ communicating skills may increase to the maximum to cause gain in business/ profession. One may succeed in writing, accounts related works, through travel and in ventures related to mental faculty. One is healthy, witty and cheerful.

6.4.15 Over Mid-cusp of 10th house: The native put practical insights into words and succeed in negotiating and communicating his ideas to authorities/ superiors to gain in business/ profession. One may receive some letter regarding the same. One’s secret personal matter may also be resolved.

6.4.16 Over Natal Mercury: The native is just witty and ideas roll off his tongue. It is a very good time to communicate by phone, letter or in person. The native may have success in writing, accounts & astrological fields and may get award for outstanding work of literature or research.

6.4.17 Over other natal Planets:

i) Over natal Sun, it causes intellectual development and interest in such pursuits as writing of books or study of new subjects.

ii) Over natal Mars or Saturn, it results in instability of mind or depression and losses in business due argumentative power of the native. You may have to part with someone very close & dear,

iii) Over natal Jupiter or Venus, it indicates overall happiness, good personal relationship, gain of wealth through multiple sources and success in speculation, creative or artistic ventures.

iv) Over natal Rahu, it increases psychic power of the native and indicates foreign travel, social recognition and help from siblings. But transit over natal Ketu results in excessive work load, physical strain and conflicts with others.


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