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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Inner Planets’ Transits, Chapter VI, Part - 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal

6.5 Transit Results of Venus

Part 2

6.5.5 In 4th from Moon: The native may get new house/ vehicle or renovate the existing house. There is domestic happiness, good relations with parents & wife, blessing of a son and aristocratic life style. The  native gets wealth, name, fame, powerful status, respect & honour from friends, and association & favours from beautiful & powerful women. He improves intellectual pursuits, enlightened thinking, quick decision making, popular & charitable disposition and help from relatives. There is upliftment of professional career, gain through agriculture, pleasure trips and religious thinking. However he may have some digestive problems. Western astrologers consider this transit to be bad being in a square position from the Moon.

6.5.6 In 5th from Moon: The native gets favours/ happiness from highly placed persons, elders, friends, children & female acquaintances and gets better profession, higher status, birth of a son, name, fame, wealth and recognition of meritorious works by seniors. He becomes more knowledgeable & intelligent, very affectionate to wife/ children and cordial relations with all. He may have cattle & dairy products in abundance and good servants & attendants to look after him. There may be growth in professional skills, improved efficiency and good company & help from others. He may subdue his enemies and may have new vehicle or property.

6.5.7 In 6th from Moon: The native gets the worst of results during this transit. There may be sorrow, difficulties, disgrace, humiliation, accidents, quarrels, litigations, enmity/ troubles from enemies & adversaries, dispute in partnership business and financial losses. There may be ill health to wife/ children, a sort of fear & enmity with wife, due to excess indulgence in sex, his health suffers and he may be afflicted by urinary infections/ sex related diseases or Kidney problems. The native may feel too much hunger, have unsteady & restless mind, crooked disposition, jealousy, and bad company causing heavy expenses & loss of honour. He may be victim of some calamity and have to run from pillar to post without any aim.

6.5.8 In 7th from Moon: The native becomes restless, tired & lazy like a lunatic. He may have extra-marital relations or association with women of ill-repute, causing scandals, distress, loss of prestige/ reputation, domestic unhappiness and strained relations with wife. There may be enmity with friends & relatives, deception by business partner and losses due to interference of a wicked lady in business as well as during foreign travel. There may be danger of drowning and of ill health due to over indulgence in sex. On may have a different set of values and at odds with the present surroundings.

6.5.9 In 8th from Moon: The native gains wealth through spouse, dowry, business partner, legacy or some financial institution. He may get married to a rich but submissive spouse with refined taste, who will take good care of even his ordinary matters. One may have many buildings & properties. Money will come to him freely and in large amounts. The native may get all kind of comforts, entertainments & luxuries, all his miseries & sorrows may disappear and he may regain very good health. He gets new hope, confidence and clear outlook of mind in facing life. However his mother may fall ill and has a bad time.


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