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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Inner Planets’ Transits, Chapter VI, Part - 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

6.4 Transit Results of Mercury

Part 1
6.4.1 Mercury is the smallest planet with the smallest orbit around the Sun. It is never more than 28 degrees away from the Sun. Therefore some astrologers consider that it is immune to combustion. But it is very susceptible to malefic influences and produces the effects of planet/ (s), it is associated with. Mercury is karaka for education, intelligence, nervous system, trade, communication, neighbours, writings, speech etc. Normally effects of transit Mercury lasts for 2-3 days only but it remains strong throughout the day. It gets retrograde more frequently than any other planet, almost every alternate month. Although its average stay in a house is less than a month, due to retrogression the stay be up to two months also. When retrograde, it creates confusion of all sorts with delays & challenges and events commenced during retrograde Mercury terminates unexpectedly. Mercury gives good results in 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th & 11th houses are not occupied by any planet except Moon. Transit of Mercury shifts the mental focus & attention on various aspects. If it is placed alone in any house except 8th, one keeps running and wasting time here and there. If afflicted Venus associates, it causes diseases of tooth or of nervous system. If Mercury & Rahu are together, it may produce disastrous results like imprisonment.

6.4.2 Transit in Moon’s sign: The native may be deprived of wealth by corrupt persons, there may be increase in enemies/ enmity with siblings/ relatives, obstacles in academic career, nervousness, quarrels/ litigations and false allegations. He may fall prey to bad company and bad reputation. There may be unsteady mind, dull intellect and overall confusion. One may suffer various ailments like eye, skin, burning sensation or nervous debility. However as per Western astrology, it gives reasonably good results with involvement of inspiring conversation with younger persons.

6.4.3 In 2nd from Moon: It makes native rich, intelligent, happy & healthy, but self- centered. There may be success in educational career, intellectual or spiritual matters, expansion in business. The things represented by Mars & Venus may prove beneficial. However some classics like Brihat Samhita, suggests that one suffers disgrace, humiliation, scandals, false allegations and loss of fame by back biters, but still there may be inflow of wealth. If Markesha dasha is in operation, there may be death or death like problems.

6.4.4 In 3rd from Moon: It causes all sorts of difficulties like fear, quarrels with siblings/ friends, loss of money, memory, theft, danger of imprisonment, royal wrath etc. There may be loss of enthusiasm and character, mental sickness, unhappy change of residence. One may have to serve others and one’s efforts may go in vain. There may be mental agony and wasteful expenditure.

6.4.5 In 4th from Moon: It gives very auspicious results. The native becomes clever with sharp intellect giving success in academic & social pursuits. It provides comforts and domestic peace, happiness to and from mother, gain of wealth, vehicles & property and happy marital/ sex life. The native may undertake many business trips and have gains there from. The estranged relatives may come and join him. His capabilities and skills to do a thing will improve. However the health of parents may be low.


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