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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Inner Planets’ Transits, Chapter VI, Part - 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

6.3 Transit Results of the Moon

6.3.1 The Moon is the fastest moving planet in the zodiac. On an average, it remains in a sign for just 2-1/4 days. It is considered feminine in nature and is karaka for mother, Mann (mind), feminine reproductive organs & circulation of blood. She is strong in night and the weakest at Noon. She is strong while waxing from 8th day of bright half to the 7th day of the dark half and weak or waning from 8th day or dark half to the 7th day or bright half. She gives good results while transiting Taurus (sign of exaltation) & Cancer (own sign) and poor results while transiting Scorpio (sign of debility). Her results, whether good or bad, lasts for few hours only and sometimes may not even be noticed. The general results are related to change of moods, emotional feelings and transients encounter with others, particularly females.

6.3.2 In case of major change of phase, new Moon (Amavasya) or full Moon (Poornima), on a natal planet, the influence remains for one to three weeks. Patients of mental cases of either sex, are specially affected on new/ full Moon days. The effects of eclipse on a native may be felt for several months. Transit of Moon is of utmost importance when planning or selecting auspicious moments/ day (Muhurat) for important function/ events. The Moon is a great facilitator for any event, whether good or bad. The Moon’s effects comes up in 16th, 51st & 86th year of the native and its cycles falls in 24th, 49th & 94th year of the native’s life. The malefic results of the Moon may be visible between 24th to 27th year.

6.3.3 The Moon auspicious results, when it transits 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 10th & 11th houses from natal Moon, provided the 5th, 9th, 12th, 2nd, 4th & 8th houses respectively are not transited simultaneously by any other planet except Mercury. In other houses it gives bad results with worst being when transiting 8th house from natal Moon. The general effects of transiting Moon over various natal planets are:

i) Transiting Moon, if benefic, over natal Sun or Rahu, enhances prosperity in profession and things seem to play your way but for a short duration.

ii) Transiting Moon over natal Moon or Mercury, confers prestige, gain of wealth & honour and makes one more sensitive & responsive in mental pursuits/ thoughts.

iii) Transiting Moon over natal Mars or Ketu causes enmity & disputes with relatives, impediments in ventures and spoil public image. It would be wise to keep cool and avoid confrontation.

iv) When the Moon transits over natal Venus, it causes improvements in personal relationships particularly with females, sexual enjoyment & satisfaction, and gain of goods of luxury/ comforts.

v) When the Moon transits over natal Jupiter, if the Moon is strong, it bestows good luck and period of happiness, prosperity, domestic peace & emotional relief. But if the Moon is weak it creates impediments in finances and failure of desires.

vi) Transiting Moon over Saturn causes disputes with subordinates, mental tensions, failure in ventures and a tendency towards isolation and starkness.

vii) When the Moon transits over mid heaven (mid-cusp of 10th house), it makes one most practical in dealing with others using one’s natural abilities & common sense.


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