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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Inner Planets’ Transits, Chapter VI, Part - 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

6.4 Transit Results of Mercury

Part 2
6.4.6 In 5th from Moon: The native may be afflicted from many ills. He, his wife, children or maternal uncles suffer from bad health, loss of virility, laziness, dull intellect or loss of wealth. Native postpones important activities and leave them undone; no one respect his words. One may develop quarrel/ enmity with spouse/ children due to his negative actions/ attitude. The native may suffer distress due to heat, extra-marital relations or lack of sex life, economic difficulties, purposeless ventures, and mental agony. However one may adopt a child, due to no child of his own.

6.4.7 In 6th of Moon: The native lives a royal life and has very good food, many servants, new clothing & jewels and improved financial status with multiple sources of income. His maternal uncles may also improve. The native may get government job, proficiency in writing or communication pursuits and gets name, fame & public recognition. He may have higher learning, high level of intelligence, enjoyments & general happiness, good relations with authorities & subordinates, mental peace and victory over enemies. The native may also get honorary titles or awards.

6.4.8 In 7th from Moon: The health of the native or his wife suffers. He may not get the sexual pleasure from his wife or even from outside. He is under physical distress, trouble from friends & relatives, frequent quarrels over petty matters disturb his domestic peace. Some close relation may pass away. There may be loss of money, losses in travel, low income, failure in ventures and troubles from paternal relations or business partner. Communication with those around, particularly younger people, may be difficult or combative.

6.4.9 In 8th from Moon: If alone and unafflicted, it gives very good results. The native may get government job or help from authorities improving his status. His intellect, skills & capabilities will increase bringing income from many sources including speculation. There may be birth of a child, pilgrimage, acquisition of a new home or gain of property through inheritance. The native will be healthy, cheerful, subdue enemies, solve long outstanding issues and has high standard of living.

6.4.10 In 9th from Moon: The native faces many problems in his profession. His discriminatory power, capability and rationally application of mind fails and his savings will be spent. He may face loss of honour/ prestige, false accusation, failure in endeavours, deception by others. The native condemns religious persons/ faith, indulges in unproductive activities and aimless wanderings. He may suffer loss of physical strength, tiredness, bilious complaints, skin diseases.

6.4.11 In 10th from Moon: The native gets good health, gain in profession & status, improved financial status, enjoyment with beautiful ladies and may get married if not already. There may be success over enemies, gain of property, and involvement in spiritual / religious acts following traditional values & social welfare works. It is a period to get money even from enemies, improving managerial skill, launching new ventures or expanding the business further and having mental & domestic peace. But Western astrologers consider it to be an adverse transit a it is square position to the Moon.


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