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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Mars, Chapter VII, Part - 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

7.2 Transit of Mars through various Houses

Part 2

7.2.7 In 7th from natal Moon: This is the worst transit of Mars and may cause tension, anxiety, financial losses and disharmony/ quarrels in married life, basically arising from ego conflicts. The income gets reduced and one gets enmity of his friends, relatives & partner. Native himself or his wife may fall ill and his personal pleasures may be adversely affected. The native may feel competitive, hot blooded, hurt or impatient, which can cause friction or emotional confrontation with spouse, children, parents, friends or partner and may even take native to the court. The close personal relationships are full of conflicts and resolution/ reconciliations. The adverse effects could be mitigated to a large extent by cooperation/ adjustments with wife, fellow workers, relations or partners. During this transit, native may suffer indigestion, pain in the body, deception by evil persons, accident by fire, vehicle or weapon, indulgence in extra-marital relations, addiction to drinking, scandals, mental agony, imprisonment or humiliation. If Markesh dasha is in operation, it may even cause death.

7.2.8 In 8th from natal Moon: The negative aspects of intimacy & sexuality as an expression of ego are stimulated during this transit. The native may suffer many difficulties / losses and all his efforts may get obstructed and fail. There may be disagreements with spouse and tense relations with in-laws. The ladies may meet fire accidents or scandals involving character. The native may suffer fever, accidents, wounds, bleeding piles, blood poisoning, anaemia, fatigue and urinary problems. The native may be forced to go away from home/ country or may face imprisonment. There may be heavy losses in business, speculation or gambling and raising of new loans may not be possible.

7.2.9 In 9th from natal Moon: It may cause mental anxieties, wearisome journeys, loss of initiative, wealth & prestige, unwanted transfer in jobs, humiliation, enmity with others, legal difficulties and curse of parents/ religious preacher. This is a bad period for father an younger siblings. One may suffer muscular pain, wounds by a weapon, scarcity of finances and theft of valuables. However Tamil classic, Jothida Kalanjiyam, and western astrologers indicate good results of this transit. During this transit, one may be more bold & enthusiastic to expand his additional energy for higher studies, intellectual works, travels, pilgrimage, solemnizing auspicious events or study of new subjects.

7.2.10 In 10th from natal Moon: It results in failure in attempts, ill health, danger of heart disease, enmity, anxiety about profession or danger of theft/ loss due to fire. There may be wandering from place to place for one’s work, company of bad elements, perversion of character, cheating by others or conflict with government, superiors & co-workers. However, Varahmihir gives good results also. As per him, in spite of the odds, it may pour more energy to stimulate one’s desires/ ambition to work hard or to become self-employed and succeed, if one is tolerant with others. One may go on a gainful foreign travel. The good results are indicated during second half of the transit only.

7.2.11 In 11th from natal Moon: The native recovers from sickness, improves his health, financial & social status and overall peace & happiness. There may be gain through & to brothers & friends, acquisition of landed property, luxuries, robes and success in ventures. There may be many sources of income. Humanitarian impulse may get stimulated to do good for others. Group activities, team work & co-operative efforts are the key to success during this transit. One may get married, if not already or may have birth of a son during this transit. If Markesh dasha coincides with one’s judged life-span, one will not die until Mars is in 11th house.

7.2.12 In 12th from natal Moon: It may cause loss of wealth, unwanted/ uncalled for expenditure, litigations, failure in new projects, quarrels with wife & children, loss through enemies, mental worries and accidents, injuries or wounds through fire/ sharp weapon. One may have to go out of one’s town/ country on job/ business and suffer in the new place. One may suffer bad health due to over-heat, have eye trouble (may lose an eye even), blood disorders, disease in anus, insomnia, and fractures in leg/ foot by slipping. One may face enmity with relation, troubles through influential persons, secret enemies or women, dishonor & losses, mounting loan burden and may even be imprisoned. It is a time of frustration, self-denial and no credit for any good one does.


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