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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Mars, Chapter VII, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

7.2 Transit of Mars through various Houses

Part 1

7.2.1 Transit in natal Moon Sign: The efforts of the native normally fail due to rash, impulsive & fiery approach. One may feel dejected, find obstacles in undertaking, the displeasure of superiors, domestic frictions and separation from family, relations & friends. One could be defensive & emotional or possessive & protective of loved ones. It may cause bodily afflictions, diseases of bile, blood or heat, exhaustion of financial resources, dangers to head/ face due to fire/ accident. One may be dominating, able to push plans forward and impress others due to extra energy available and hard work; but one should avoid short temper or bulldozing over others.

7.2.2 In 2nd from natal Moon: The native may be over touchy / over identifying about property & money matters causing disputes with others or excessive and impulsive expenditure. One may lose initiative and lose finances due to harsh speech, rash & fiery action, displeasure of authorities, penalties, frauds and dangers from enemies & thieves. There may be domestic disharmony, family disputes, grief, humiliation, mental agony, and loss of physical vigour, danger of injuries by weapon, bilious / facial disease, eye trouble or high fever. One may be accused for no fault and fail in educational pursuits. On the positive side, one will try to complete a work and use all of one’s influences for the same.

7.2.3 In 3rd from natal Moon: The native may enjoy very good health, happiness, all round success, rise in profession, honour, authority and pleasure of having/ from wife & children. One may succeed in all undertakings and earn through influential government officials, real estate, metals/ metal articles, siblings and even through lowly placed personnel. The native may be high on energy, self-confidence & passion and may be able to sell his ideas to others or to successfully present his case. But one should not take things too personal / over-assertive and get into conflicts/ provocative arguments due to one’s rash & impulsive belief or ideas. It is better to accomplish things in small & repetitive efforts than to try for the big push. There may be a tendency to be impatient or impulsive while driving or doing manual tasks, which may lead to accidents.

7.2.4 In 4th from natal Moon: The actions of the native are governed by instincts and may be defensive/ protective. One may behave in a compulsive, rash, and inappropriately which may turn the situation awkwardly or create emotional flare-ups especially with younger people. It creates inauspicious effects, cruel & violent deeds, quarrels & conflicts in family/ property disputes, involvement in litigation, anxiety, domestic unhappiness, sorrows through relations, parents & opponents and financial losses. So one should keep one’s energies and temperament under control. There may be accident by fire/ vehicles or theft of valuables. Native may suffer from blood disorder, indigestion, pain in chest/ stomach, dysentery, wounds by sharp weapon, Illness to mother, cheating by some relation/ friend and loss of mental peace. One gets confused and humiliated resulting in loss of status / honour.

7.2.5 In 5th from natal Moon: This is a time when native has lot of energy but not matching discipline and acts on ego & instincts/ impulse rather than logic. The native may be confused & worried and becomes angry over even petty matters, thus easily pick-up quarrels with others. He may have more and more enemies around him and may be harassed by them. He will have bad time with wife & children, who may be seriously ill or even one of his children, who may be seriously ill or even one of his children, may die. The native may himself suffer from heart/ abdominal ailments, loss of fertility, inclined to other females in lust of sex and indulge in wicked, evil or corrupt activities. There may be loss of wealth through theft, deceit, or shares/ gambling and the honour & prestige may be adversely affected.

7.2.6 In 6th from natal Moon: It indicates all-round happiness, victory over enemies, termination of evils, conflicts & litigations with success, freedom from illness and gain in competitions, prosperity, fame & status. There may gain of income from various sources including agriculture. Native’s digestive power will increase and his sex urges will be fully gratified. There may be marriage or child birth if time is opportune and fulfillment of desires. It being the house of service, there will be appreciation by superiors & credit for the hard work done by the native. The extra energy of Mars will enable the native to get his work done. However one should be careful about one’s own health. One may suffer from infections, fever or accident.


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