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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Mars, Chapter VII, Part - 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

7.3 Transit over natal Planets & Points

Part 1

The transits of Mars over planets and points in the natal chart are relatively brief in influences, lasting approximately 2-4 days. Mars acts to energize and activate the conditions surrounding the planets and points it touches. The impact is normally so sudden and tends to precipitate matters, so quickly that it hardly gives the native any time to think and react.

7.3.1 Over Sun: If Mars be well dignified and not near enough to be combust, it may infuse greater energy, stamina & activities into matters signified by Sun, and the house in which it is placed. The native may impulsively do something competitive, which he normally does not have the courage/ chance to do. However it is normally accompanied by risk of ill health, accidents, injuries, rashness, disputes, conflicts or extravagance. If Mars is ill dignified, one is rash, treacherous, bloody minded, house breaker or murderer and generally end his days in a violent manner/ death. If Mars & Sun transit 6th house simultaneously, native may have typhoid, high fever, eye trouble or fall from a high place.

7.3.2 Over Moon: It makes one disobedient to his mother, liar and of wicked deeds. If both the planets are well dignified, one marries someone much above his own status, fond of women, but seldom suffers by them. He may be bold, courageous & enterprising, good warrior, surgeon or chemist, or may succeed in business of weapons, plough, earthen jars or agricultural instruments. It causes excessive blood loss during periods of menses, accidents & injuries. If Moon is ill dignified, one becomes vulgar, base & mean, poor, drunkard and dissipated. If Mars be ill dignified, one may be violent, furious, treacherous, cruel, murderer, or traitor, who seldom lives long.

7.3.3 Over natal Mars: This is a period of about one and a half to two months, making one impulsive, restless, with increased physical energy, aggression and personal ambitions. It strengthens all the characteristics of the planet according to its position and aspects at birth. Sports may be beneficial. Beginning of new projects may have to be tackled with opposition. Unless one channel one’s abundant energy & intuition into decisive action or vigorous work, anger, conflicts and irritation may result. Accidents may occur due to rashness. There may be losses due to speculation and loss of property.

7.3.4 Over Mercury: It makes one fickle minded, easily satisfied and fond of eating at others’ place. If conjunction is in a Kendra, one may get married, be happy, and earn more money. He may be skilled in boxing, dealer in herbs, plants, oils & drugs. One may gain in business of medicine and chemicals. This is not a good time to schedule any activity that calls for tact, diplomacy or caution, as the native is extremely straight forward and direct. If afflicted, there may be loss due fire, worries & troubles, scandals, association of wicked women and uncordial relations with parents. If both are strong & free from affliction, one will be learned, of sound judgment and of penetrating mind. If Mars is ill dignified, one may be treacherous, blood thirsty, drunkard or a gambler and a compelling urge to be with one’s love partner. There is a basic drive to appreciate and taste life. It enhances chances of marriage, increase in sexual desires and emotional bliss. It is a good time to enjoy creative & social enjoyments and pleasure giving works. If Mars be well dignified, one may be of hasty temper but of good & forgiving nature, fortunate, admired, addicted to women, but maintains his respect. If the conjunction is afflicted, one may be proud, quarrelsome, lustful, debauched, wicked, association with other ladies may end in scandals or there may be separation between husband & wife.

7.3.6 Over Jupiter: It is an excellent transit to be assertive and move forward in career or business ventures. One has the ideal drive & courage to make one’s vision a reality. The native may be well behaved, victorious over enemies, bold, leader of the town, wealthy, intelligent and prudent in occult sciences. One’s efforts will be equally gainful & rewarding and all financial plans may succeed. Money may come from many sources including speculation. There may be providential help in critical times. This is a period of good health, self-confidence, easy birth of a son, long travels, harmonious legal dealings and religious zeal & pride. But if Jupiter is afflicted at birth, there may be extravagance, loss or squandering of resources, and trouble through law or religion.


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