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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Inner Planets’ Transits, Chapter VI, Part - 10

Dr. Shanker Adawal

6.5 Transit Results of Venus

Part 3

6.5.10 In 9th from Moon: The native may have all comforts, luxuries & amenities for entertainment & living and money may come to him from various sources more than anticipated. He may get new ornaments, gems & dresses, sound health and name fame & respect from all. One may get higher education/ knowledge, fruitful foreign travels, pilgrimage, and may get married to a high placed girl who may assist him to gain further progress. He may have friendship of rich philanthropists, himself do charity of food/ grain, have immense faith in divine power and take part in religious & spiritual pursuits. This may be a good time for father, who may also go abroad.

6.5.11 In 10th from Moon: It is bad & painful to the native due to ill health, mental worries, miseries and obstructions in job, profession & business. He may be forced to go out from native place, but there also there will be difficulties & loss of money/ material. He may have unstable mind, quarrelsome nature, failure in ventures, trouble from government, fear from enemies, humiliation, decline in status and pain in back/ neck. There may have quarrels with wife over petty matters, differences with in-laws, involvement in scandals and bad reputation in the society. He may be unwillingly forced into awkward situations by others.

6.5.12 In 11th from Moon: There may be abundance of wealth & financial gains from various sources, full support from friends and success in all endeavours. The native enjoys good food, pleasures & satisfaction from spouse & opposite sex, and gets domestic/ mental peace. He gets success in education, improves professional skills, is well versed in fine arts & music and earn through them. He may get chance to visit foreign lands and gain from there. He gets land & house properties and cooperation, sympathy & affection of others. He may benefit from trade of perfume, cosmetics or fine arts.

6.5.13 In 12th from Moon: As an exception, Venus gives very good results even in 12th from natal Moon. The native may be in company of attractive women (including wife), enjoys bed/ sensual pleasures to the maximum and gets new sets of vehicles, jewels, dresses etc. He may get more and more money and spend freely on sensual pursuits. He may get high position in government, gain money through investments and is involved in charitable activities. He may make money through articles related to sleeping comforts and luxury goods. As per Phaldeepika, he leads the life of heaven on earth through “Artha Dhana Prapti”. But at times he may become antagonistic to men around him. During waning Moon, there may be mental worries or sickness to spouse.

6.15.14 In Lagna: There may be increased affection & attachment with relatives and all difference of opinion may disappear. If unmarried, a new romance or love affair may start, culminating in marriage. There may be increase in income and economic status goes up. This may mark a season of parties & entertainment.

6.5.15 Over Mid-cusp of 10th House: It indicates all type of pleasures including sex pleasure with wife or from outside. A new love connection may enter one’s life and one will derive much joy, sex pleasure and material gain in love life. One may get married, if single. One could be in limelight, especially with superiors or in relation to the work. In business or profession, persons in authority may be favourable & helpful, but beware of love or close personal relations with boss or employer or senior colleague.


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