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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Inner Planets’ Transits, Chapter VI, Part - 11

Dr. Shanker Adawal

6.5 Transit Results of Venus

Part 4

6.5.16 Over natal Venus: The relationships may begin to help & assist. One’s taste in art, sense of values & appreciation in general is heightened. It would be a great time to relax & enjoy what one has, to live with. One may get more & better opportunities to progress & gain in life. One may look more attractive & beautiful and may have a young, beautiful & submissive wife. There may be many travels and gains thereof. There may be sudden & huge income through lottery/ speculation.

6.5.17 Over other natal planets:

i) The transit over strong & benefic natal Sun, one gets grace, pleasure & praise of elders / superiors. One is in a rare mood of self- enjoyment and appreciate own better qualities. But if the Sun is afflicted, it brings ill-health and disgrace of superiors.

ii) Transit over Mars may make one courageous & bold and may involve in sex with passion or enjoy some emotional release. It is good time to start new ventures and may bring a fortunate turn in life. But if Mars is afflicted, one’s son may become aggressive, there could be an accident or one may suffer kidney or sexual disease.

iii) Transit over Mercury brings prosperity through business, fine arts, music, acting, trading in cloth and new friends & acquaintances.

iv) Transit over Jupiter cause gain of wealth, pleasure and profit through speculation or solving puzzles. One’s interests in music, literature and romance may increase.

v) Transit over Saturn brings additional responsibilities. Native suffers disputes with spouse causing domestic problems. One may commit a sexual crime. One may part with dear & near ones and enjoy in solitude.

vi) Transit over nodes makes one more sensuous & malicious in thoughts about sex & emotions. Rahu may give elevated material status and sudden & unconventional marriage. While Ketu gives solace in solitude or delay marriage and business ventures.

6.6 Conclusion
6.6.1 The transits of inner planets occur quite frequently and are fleeting in nature with their effects normally lasting from few hours to a maximum of a week only. Some astrologers, therefore, would not chart these transits on an ongoing basis as of major consequence. However they are very important in timing of various events/ trends in combination with outer planets. Inner planet transits can be much more significant, if at the same time they are making their own aspects together and hitting on a point of the natal chart which has its own. A transit of two or more inner planets, hitting on one or more planets, placed in Trikones, acts like a trigger setting off natal configuration.

6.6.2 The Moon in waxing & waning phases affects adversely the results of other planets’ transit also. The Moon & Mercury are very susceptible for malefic influences. The Mercury & Venus becomes retrograde more frequently than outer planets. A retrograde planet, by virtue of “Triple transit” over any point during its direct, retrograde and once more direct motion (in addition to two stationary positions in between change of motions), makes its results significant and different. Any planet, in transit, returning to the same position as it was at birth, may trigger off the aspects & results made in the natal chart.

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