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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Inner Planets’ Transits, Chapter VI, Part - 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

6.2 Transit Results of The Sun

Part 3
6.2.10 In 9th from Moon: The native may suffer displeasure of father, elders, priests or authorities, sickness of father or father passing through bad times. He becomes stubborn, aggressive, egoist with negative thinking antagonizing elders & superiors. There may be impediments/ delays to acquisition of wealth/ property, savings will flow away quickly, false allegations, loss of honour, humiliation bad luck or disappointments. Native may suffer ear & eye disorder, unexpected accidents and unsuccessful ventures.

6.2.11 In 10th from Moon: The Sun gives very good results here as the Sun is digbali. The native’s financial status and earning capability improves. He acquires good education, gets success in every venture, benefits from higher authorities, friends & relations (specially females), and promotion/ honour in profession. He regains lost position, charitable attitude, increased faith in spirituality, and his objectives are fulfilled. Native becomes intellectually sharp, has comfort & luxury including vehicles and is very happy with family and higher status.

6.2.12 In 11th from Moon: The native will get name, fame, income from various sources, royal patronage, favours from friends, elder siblings & relations, and enjoys good health & comforts. He becomes charitable, win over enemies, and is sympathetic to others. He is happy, free from all type of sickness, enjoys peace and his old worries/ problems are all solved. He gets promotion in job, respectable position, high social status, honour, wealth and predominance over others. Marriage and similar auspicious events will be successfully conducted.

 6.2.13 In 12th from Moon: The native becomes antagonistic and aggressive towards his wife & relations, his efforts will fail. He may lose his place/ position, be humiliated, have disputes with authorities & friends, and incur avoidable extra expenditure. He may suffer various problems/ mental agony, injury in legs and diseases like fever, stomach, chest, eyes & skin ailments. He may indulge in mean & unethical means, in criminal cases, in wearisome travels, and lose wealth & property.

6.2.14 In Lagna: When the Sun passes through lagna, native will get the capability to undertake new responsibility. The state of new confidence and hopes rises in life. However one should be careful about health and should not breed difference in opinion with others.

6.2.15 In 10th from lagna: The Sun gets full digbala here. It makes the native more capable & strong. He will get name, fame, status, increased income and favours from superior authorities. He will be able to achieve/ fulfill all his desires.

6.2.16 Over natal Sun: This is the start of a new hopeful year. One wants to be stand out and be center of recognition/ appreciation. The native gets a new hope, confidence and energy in facing any work/ problems. There could be a new window of luck opening in time for new lines of job/ profession.

6.2.17 Over natal Jupiter: It is a very good day to solve any problem and take important decisions. One is in full control and at one’s intuitional best to find a way around any obstacle or person. Someone older or in authority may be a transit force.


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